Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Oct 5) - Greece on Strike



A 24 hrs General Strike against austerity measures pushed by a government that lacks any democratic legitimacy whatsoever paralyzes Greece today ··> Al Jazeera.

Update: violent clashes erupted between protesters and police (unclear details, as Euronews is not too credible) ··> Euronews with video.

Student protest ends up in scuffles ··> video at PO.

Greek people also disrupt foreclosure procedures ··> Naked Capitalism, with videos.

Germany: Berlin: attack against Deutsche Telekom 'in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle' (Greek armed group) ··> communication can be read at Contra Info.

One of the vehicles attacked
Basque Country: former mayor of Azpeitia, Eneko Etxeberria, reports death threats by mail. Would he be someone of the regime, the media would all dedicate long reports, being a Basque leftist, his case will be ignored instead ··> SA[es].

EU/UN: Tony Blair accused of profiteering as member of 'the quartet' (the useless UN body tailored to serve Israel with a diplomatic pretense). Most of these costs are paid by the UK ··> Al Jazeera (opinion article by Ali Abunimah).


Rapper Pablo Hasél set free although accusation of apology of terrorism remains ··> SA[es].

National University of Education at Distance (UNED) charges against anarcho-syndicalist (CNT) delegate, Tania Gálvez, on unclear and likely made-up pretexts ··> CNT-UNED[es].

North Africa:

Egypt: arrested blogger in lengthy hunger strike may die if authorities do not release him immediately, as he will begin thirst strike to death (you don't survive that, much less after 40 days of hunger strike) ··> Al Jazeera.

West Asia:

Saudi Arabia: protests in Qatif, at least 14 injured as police moves in ··> Al Jazeera.

Yemen: Saleh goes the way of Syria and shells Taiz, heartland of the revolution. At least 7 killed and 22 injured, doctors threatened for tending the injured  ··> Al Jazeera.

Bahrain: more activists sentenced in farce trials ··> Al Jazeera


Anata (outskirts of Jerusalem, West Bank): Pogrom against Palestinians (Sep 30th) by Zionist settlers with full support of Israel armed forces. The Zionazi death squad, some of whom wore Israel police shirts and carried police weapons, as well as shaven heads, went to a private property to "plant trees" and attacked the owner and family, as well as peace activists filming the attack, while chanting death to Arabs, death to Leftists... and waving the colonial banner.

Update: Uruknet describes the sexual abuse by male and female settlers alike, with the full support of Zionist troops, which did absolutely nothing to prevent the physical and verbal abuses.

The attack had two rounds (morning and evening):

Link to video of the morning attack (Red TV, KTB)

Video of the evening attack (8 mins):

··> Ilan Against the Wall, who also reports of:

Nabih Saleh: clashes between Palestinian protesters and Zionist colonial occupation troops, as these tried to abort a demonstration ··> video 1, video 2, video 3.

Nil'in: peaceful demo against the Apartheid Wall attacked by colonial forces  ··> video.

As well a other protests in Sheikh Jarrah and Wallajeh.

Ramallah: relatives of Palestinian prisoners demand their release ··> video at PO.

Iran: 70% of all petrochemical workers on strike. They protest against 'blank signature' contracts in which they agree to work for whatever the boss wants to give them in return, in whatever conditions and for the duration the capitalist wishes ··> The Commune, see also IASWI[en/fas].



Wall Street protest continues ··> video at PO

Petition to FDA to have GMO foods labeled properly ··> Food Freedom, sign the petition.

South Asia:

Pakistan: riots caused by yet another blackout (corruption blamed) ··> Al Jazeera.

East Asia:


Nuclear reactor goes into cool shutdown (officially) after experiencing problems with cooling system. At Genkai NPP, SW Japan (pictured below) ··> EneNews.

Government acknowledges that decontamination zone may extend to Central Honshu ··> EneNews, Asahi

Evergreen trees dying at Fukushima and Tokyo ··> EneNews.


Unprecedented Arctic ozone loss this last winter ··> SD.

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