Saturday, October 22, 2011

What do relatives of Basque prisoners feel upon the end-of-war declaration of ETA?

This is what no Spanish TV has inquired. Luckily for us we can turn off the TV and watch the Internet instead, where there is some more diversity and Navarrese blog Ateak Ireki (open the doors) has gone out to the weekly demonstration at the center of Pamplona to ask them. Video in Basque and Spanish:

All commenters show hope and most happiness and confidence in the future. Thoughts for the prisoners, very specially the ill ones. Reminders on many Basque prisoners being purely political ones, prisoners of consciousness. Anger and fear at the stingy declarations of the Spanish nationalist politicians and EU officials.

Naturally I wish everyone the best but I am under the impression that too much has been given away without getting anything in return and that this precipitation is going to be used and abused by the Spanish nationalist camp from their advantageous position of force. When I see these people so hopeful I can't but imagine that this hope will probably be crushed mercilessly by Madrid, which has showed no sign whatsoever of making any single concession for peace, leaving all the effort to the Basque side unilaterally. 


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