Thursday, October 20, 2011

Greek General Strike (second day): Stalinists try to take control, violently, of the revolutionary process, even collaborating with the cops

Yesterday the Greek Parliament approved, with the votes of PASOK alone, a new layer of draconian "austerity" measures designed so the Greek People is enslaved to pay the debt of the local and foreign speculators, fraudsters and corrupt politicians. Today a definitive second vote was taken as well, amidst continuous clashes and demonstrations.

See also here for yesterday's events, which mobilized some of the greatest numbers ever in the many demos that Greece has witnessed recently.

The novelty of today, already advanced yesterday by some clashes, is that the Stalinists are trying to get control of the revolutionary process (surely to destroy it, as they did in 1968 in France). As happened yesterday, organized Stalinist militants prevented the crowd from storming the Parliament.

In Fascist style, the Stalinists performed a homage to the Unknown Soldier monument. 

Still in the morning, in Ioanina, Epirus, KKE youths attacked other demonstrators.

Meanwhile, in Thessaloniki pickets closed restaurants and cafes. Similarly in Heraklion there was a picket blockade of Goody's (fast food chain). 

At noon the Stalinist squads lined up between the demonstrators and police at Syntagma not allowing people to attempt anything. By three in the afternoon, clashes between Stalinists and Anti-Authoritarians (Autonomists) plus Anarchists were common sight as protesters tried to breach KKE control to reach the illegitimate Parliament. 

The Stalinist guards have been denounced for working in collaboration with police:

PAME/ΚΝΕ members seem to have direct contact with police officers and handed at least one (most probably anarchist) protester to the police.

KNE is the KKE's youth branch.

At 5:00pm they left Syntagma under police escort.  Since then police have been the only ones policing the area.

They have also been reported threatening protesters in Rethymnon, Crete.

A 53-year-old member of the Stalinist bloc died of heart attack after suffocating from police-fired tear gas.

In the evening, people fleeing police violence, refuged themselves at several metro stations. Police are raiding them as I write this. Mass detentions have been reported.

Source: Contra Info (updated regularly).

Update: at least 150 arrested, video of the clashes (from Berria[eu])

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