Sunday, December 4, 2011

Echoes from the Class War (Dec 4)

Besides what I have already commented along the week (things like Chernobyl hero murdered by state in Ukraine protest, the scandal of declaring fascist terrorist Breivik 'insane', the coordinated eviction of protest camps in LA and Philadelphia, the massive public workers strike in Britain or the political persecution of Anarchists in Canada) a lot of other things have happened that called my attention. I could only collect the links to release them together in the weekly review.

Featured: Fukushima China syndrome acknowledged by the media

Arguably, what has been more striking this week is the widespread acknowledgement of the fact of Fukushima Daiichi being in China syndrome phase (or almost so for the more optimistic ones) as something way too real to ignore and way too powerful to deal with. It began on Wednesday and was very explicit by the next day or so, only to decay as the weekend set in:

Newly-surfaced Video: “For some time” NRC staff has contemplated that all reactor cores are ‘ex-vessel’ due to time without cooling « ENENEWS.COM

NHK: “This is a very severe accident” — Nuclear fuel at Reactor No. 1 may have melted through 65 cm of concrete… Only 37 cm at thinnest point (PHOTOS) « ENENEWS.COM

Institute of Applied Energy: Corium Could Be 2 Meters Deep into Concrete | EX-SKF

AP reveals doubts by nuclear experts: “The fuel is no longer there” — Measuring temps of empty cores “meaningless” — “Nobody knows where and how hot the melted fuel really is” « ENENEWS.COM


#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 1: TEPCO and NHK's Obfuscation on Corium in the Concrete | EX-SKF

Mr.Koide from Kyoto uni “Tepco’s assumption is baseless” | Fukushima Diary

AP: New gov’t study rasies possibility of “structural damage to reactor’s foundation” — Erosion of concrete could be deeper than Tepco claims «

NYT experts: “Danger of a wider radiation leak” — Cooling system may not work for fuel melted into concrete — Tepco “not worried” «

China Syndrome discussed in multiple news reports: Closer than previously believed to burning through ground below reactor «

Other news on the Japan nuclear catastrophe:

Another man died of acute lymphocytic leukemia | Fukushima Diary 

Nothing’s stopping the sea contamination | Fukushima Diary

Temperature has gone “over scale” at reactor 2 | Fukushima Diary

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Head of the Plant Yoshida Is Hospitalized, Will Resign as of December 1st | EX-SKF

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: Yoshida's Last Day on the Plant Was November 14 | EX-SKF

Angler Who Died of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia Didn't Live Inside 30 Km Radius of Fuku-I | EX-SKF

Japan Times: “Dangerously high levels” of radiation detected in rice from Date — 60 km from Fukushima meltdowns « ENENEWS.COM

Even Tepco admitted melt-out is occurring. | Fukushima Diary

Good bye, seafood | Fukushima Diary

We couldn’t kill enough | Fukushima Diary

Reporter tries radiation cleanup: “I felt mentally exhausted and my muscles ached” after not such hard physical labor — 2 days later, rice from area declared contaminated «

Vegetables have gone gigantic | Fukushima Diary

6940 Bq/Kg from dried Chinese mushroom in Tochigi | Fukushima Diary

Breaking News ; Incinerated ash of over 100,000 Bq/kg is allowed to be landfilled | Fukushima Diary

Mainichi: Gov’t session reveals 400,000 TIMES normal radioactive xenon-133 levels in Chiba — Actual figure may be MUCH higher «

Die for Fukushima prefecture | Fukushima Diary

Basque Country

Thousands demonstrated in Pamplona against torture[eu] << Ateak Ireki - follows video[eu/es]:


Willy Toledo

Voting begins in Russia's parliamentary polls - Europe - Al Jazeera English - no surprises expected when the only opposition tolerated are the Stalinists, even if Putin's conservative bloc's appeal is clearly being eroded.

North Africa and West Asia

US Air Force will be 'leased' to Iraq (Uruknet) - so you believed that tale of 'pulling out' - ha!



The White House can now put you under military arrest or simply kill you even if you are an 'American citizen' on US soil. You are nowhere safe from Uncle Sam >> Uruknet.

Neonazi bar burned in Chile[es] << Sare Antifaxista



Tropical and Southern Africa

East Asia

Global / Multirregional
Katehi: imposing fascism in universities for decades

Monsanto Corn May Be Failing to Kill Bugs, EPA Says - Bloomberg - the criminal fraud of GMO crops more and more exposed.


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