Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Two million public workers strike in Britain

Maybe just a symbolic one-day strike but also a clear indication of contained power: of a country that could be stopped overnight if these public workers could carry on their action till the government submits and concedes.

Not today anyhow, the unions have not planned to go so far: it is just to vent of workers' anger... but what if the anger has not been vented enough and is still building up?

More info at:

And the mainstream British media like the BBC and such? Sorry but I don't have a microscope to find where they hid this major news item: they are too worried about important stuff like the Iranian embassy crisis, the US Republican primaries or... yeah, this is what interests them the most: more London police to be qualified to fire rubber bullets at your face.

Update (Dec 1): several videos have been posted at

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