Saturday, December 24, 2011

Armenian genocide: Turkish negationist hysteria, European punishment mania

The Armenian genocide was real. Regardless of how many exactly were murdered, the Ottoman Empire deployed the same tactics of concentration camps invented by the British in South Africa, mind you and massive annihilation (democide and genocide) used by the Germans against the Herero people, by the USA and other creole states against Native Americans or by Russia against dissident minorities like the Cherkess.

In a sense it was nothing new but that does not mean it was not for real and that it raises our total rejection. It was also something of a level that has not been repeated since except for the Nazi-perpetrated genocide against Jews, Roma, etc. 

There's little doubt about all this and all who go nit-picky are nothing but fascist ultra-nationalists, of the kind who dream with such a "glorious" fictitious history that they can admit to no errors nor abuses, or worse: that would like to repeat those crimes once and again and remain at large and still keep the fiction that there are no corpses in the closet of the fatherland. 

On the other hand, punishing ideas is ridiculous and a double edged attack against freedom of thought and speech. I also disagree with punishing Holocaust negationists (a legal principle in much of Europe). Instead I would suggest to punish all those that conspire against human rights and civil liberties, so fascists can't stay at large, regardless of what they think or say about the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, etc.

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