Thursday, November 11, 2010

West Sahara pogrom: corpses left on the streets, racist indentification

The pogrom at El Aaiun is becoming worse and worse: amidst the Morocco-imposed informative blackout it seems that the POLISARIO Front is now the only reliable source of information. 

They denounce that corpses of murdered people with their throats opened often, some of them children, are being left in the streets of El Aaiun in order to sow terror.

Policemen in plain clothes and settler death squads go house by house, beating people and kidnapping some of them to unknown destinations. Many people are missing. 

The Sahrawi government in exile has declared that there are some 723 injured and 150 missing people. 

Racist identification measures

The Moroccan dictatorship has imposed a new method of racist discrimination: from now on Moroccan settlers (males) will have to carry a white cap, provided by the police after proper identification, this cap will not be given to native Sahrawis, who are nevertheless obligued to show their faces when going to the streets. 

Source: La Haine[es]

Update: the Intifada extends to Smara and Tan Tan

I already mentioned before that there had been protests in Smara, repressed by the occupants. This information from Rebelión is admittedly based on rumors but that's the best we have right now: Smara and Tan Tan have joined El Aaiun in the uprising. There may be other towns rebelling and/or being repressed but we do not know yet.

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