Monday, November 15, 2010

From inside El Aaiun: the genocide continues while the World remains silent

Two Spanish solidarity activists who remain hidden in the Sahrawi capital, Isabel Terraza and Antonio Velázquez, have managed to get the following video hang on the Internet (in Spanish, English transcript by me follows):

City of El Aaiun, territories occupied by Morocco in West Sahara, November 14 2010.

To the International Community, to the United Nations Security Council, to the International Red Cross.

Antonio Velázquez and Isabel Terraza are being witness of the genocide that is being committed by the Moroccan regime against the Sahrawi civilian population right now in the capital of occupied West Sahara.

Since the violent evacuation of the camp of ..., 15 km from El Aaiun on Novemeber 8th, and until this day, in the streets and the homes of the city, the Moroccan security forces repress violently the Sahrawi civilian population.

The Moroccan occupation regime is not allowing entrance to the media in order to hide so many atrocities. That is why they want to kill us: because we are offering our witness account to the whole World.

We have been hiding since several days ago in the city of El Aaiun. But thousands of Sahrawis are in the same situation... or worse. Because Moroccan policemen and soldiers enter by force in their homes, torture them and many die from these tortures.

We denounce this genocide that the Moroccan regime is committing against the Sahrawi people and we ask:
  • An immediate intervention of the UN Security Council in order to guarantee the legitimate rights of the Sahrawi people.
  • The urgent arrival of the International Red Cross in order to attend the victims of repression.
  • That the International Community condemn the violent attack of Morocco against the civilian Sahrawi population.
This is an international emergency and it is necessary that all international organisms stop this massacre. 

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