Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Morocco blacks out all information from West Sahara, open war may begin at any moment

Video of the Moroccan attack against the Justice and Dignity Camp and early Intifada events (text in Spanish):

At the beginning of the video the occupants pretext the beginning of negotiations with POLISARIO Front (imposed by UN) as "the reason" why the camp "must be evacuated". In other words: they want to use this to trick the POLISARIO into open war again and that way sabotage the negotiations.

The water cannons you can see threw hot water, a tactic I have never heard before about.

Two babies were found among the rubble of the camp by some of the people who resisted till the end. Their mothers are missing, as are other 300 people.

Thawra reports that there was an earlier attack against the camp on monday evening. When the camp was closed by occupant forces leaving a long queue of vehicles attempting enter. The Sahrawis tried to protest peacefully by staging a sit down but police charged against them.

This triggered protests in El Aaiun, burning Moroccan flags and portraits of the tyrant King Mohammed II. These protests were brutally quelled by police and settlers (these "settlers" are denounced elsewhere as being nothing but policemen in civilian clothes - unsure).

Thawra also reports of at least 7 killed and hundreds of injured in the attack against the nonviolent camp.

This massacre triggered the response by the citizens of El Aaiun, who took over the city, burning all kind of Moroccan and international corporate buildings (National Fishing Office, seven Western Union offices, four banks, seven police stations, including the central one, and all TV stations), set up barricades and showed proudly the banners of the Arab Democratic Sahrawi Republic.

Subsequent repression resulted in 300 missing people and maybe thousands of arrested, as well as an unknown number of fatal casualties (at least a dozen in the Sahrawi side and one in the Moroccan one).

In spite of this El Aaiun has resisted all night. Police distributed weapons among settlers, who attacked their native neighbors' homes and burned their cars. Today we just do not know what is happening, as Morocco has imposed a total blackout and is impeding foreign press from arriving to destiny. In Djalla police repressed a protest in solidarity with the El Aaiun uprising.

In Spain, where many Sahrawi exiles live and where sympathy for the Sahrawi cause is almost universal, protests have continued today, in some cases facing police repression.

Protest at Madrid

Open war may begin again

An announcement that the POLISARIO Front is considering breaking the 20-year-long ceasefire was met with cheers in some of them. However they are still discussing the matter, as it seems obvious that is precisely what Morocco wants to achieve with this repression.

Main source: La Haine, where you can find many other videos.

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