Monday, July 4, 2016

Macri's Argentina crosses the line into outright fascism

Which is the essence of fascism? Squads of thugs sowing terror with impunity. That's exactly the nature of Mussolini's fasci di combatimento, which eventually put him as Prime Minister of Italy without getting even a single vote.

And that is exactly what happened tonight in Buenos Aires, where a "patota" (squad of thugs) broke into the newspaper Tiempo Argentino, breaking everything under the protection of the police, which impeded workers and sympathizers from defending their workplace.

A Kristallnacht of sorts.

Macri's Argentina is now formally a fascist regime. Down with fascism in America or anywhere else!

Related and suspiciously synchronous: the USA will install "cuasi-bases" in both Southern and Northern Argentina in order to control Drake's Passage and the largest underground aquifer on Earth. 


  1. In Argentina you may see the actual fight between the international power, banks, transnational companies, represented by USA, against the people of Argentina. No matter what the media says,the Kitchners did a couple of important things against Neo Liberalism, that no other nation has dared to do, and Macri has tried to destroy them since the first day. Te guy has no respect for the people or the Constitution. He can´t care less for the thousands of unemployed, and he is the voice of the rich soja and maize planters, that never have payed taxes.
    Read "pagina12" if you wish to be informed.

    1. Don't you have the feeling that the the progressive governments of South America, very particularly Brazil and Argentina were too favorable to the rich landowners and are now paying for it? I can't but have the feeling that after all the Peronistas and the PT have both dug their own tombs by not being more radical. In the case of Peronistas that is, I guess, to be expected but in the case of the Brazilian PT, whose roots were much more to the left, it is extremely disappointing.

      It seems to give all the reason to Lenin and Castro: there's no hope when you tolerate big capital. The same problem may be happening in the "Bolivarian" republics, of which only Ecuador seems to be nowadays relatively safe from reaction.

  2. To understand what happens in these countries, you have to study at least fifty years of history, no less. The case of Cuba is similar to Numancia, and not many countries would have survivre the experience.
    Capitalism is a very well designed machine, supported by the whole world, and crushes everything, by force or through the media using terror, lies, chantage, bribes and so on and relies on the fragility of human nature.
    And not many people wish to die for a cause that is not clear, or be used as a martyr to satisfy Moloc
    When I see those, who claimed for revolution in the ninety seventies, now serving the capital, Felipe Gonzalez, Vargas Llosa, and many other official lobbist of the empire, believe me, that worst than capital is human nature.

    1. I understand what you say but makes me sad in this critical juncture for the survival of Humankind. Cowardice and short-term thought will kill humankind and it won't be pretty.

      On the good side Capitalism is actually collapsing as we talk, on the bad side people seem extremely demoralized and will let it go on still for decades, until everything is so extremely destroyed that there is no option but to change things radically.

  3. I don´t know Maju, it looks to me that perhaps the dollar based on green printing paper is trembling, and the "casino" economies losing billons of fake money created by the Banks, may look like a final colapse. But the estructure of capitalism itself may resist a lot of earthquakes.
    The colapse that changes the model will take a few hundred or thousand years because it needs a conscience upgrade, and humanity doesn´t change fast in this aspect.
    There are no vaccines against stupidity.

    Some news from South America:

    1. I'm thinking in the ecological challenge, which is an absolute limit, unlike the socio-economic one (class struggle and such). My fear is that the ecological collapse, already ongoing, will just roll over us leaving almost nothing to reconstruct Humankind in the aftermath.

      Another major and almost absolute limit is nuclear war and NATO is truly pushing for it these days. Such development would no doubt leave Humankind in tatters if not totally extinct.

      So I don't think Capitalism can go on for much longer because the barriers to its predatory or parasitic nature are already raised very high and are unsurmontable. The problem is that the collapse of Capitalism, rather than produce a new and better Humankind will just produce a desert.

      The lesser evil scenario here is maybe that the catastrophe, while devastating, won't be as total as I fear, and the survivors will reconstruct society and civilization on new, eco-socialist, grounds. But it's a knife's edge scenario in which everything can just go not just wrong but absolutely wrong too easily. Time has run out already.


    With my regards....

  5. Totally agree with you. But it the meantime, we have to live according to our circumstances, the best possible way. For me that means to learn to be happy with what I got, day after day, watching the sunsets, enjoying friendship, music, even gettingo into blogs related with our past and having basque friends to explain the complexities of our history.


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