Saturday, July 16, 2016

Nice: another false flag attack?

Still digesting the confusing info on the Nice massacre but since the very beginning things looked pretty odd: the attacker did not carry any real weapon, how was the truck allowed to enter so deep into the city (trucks that size are not allowed to circulate inside urban areas, much less under emergency law, much less in an area cut to all traffic). 

But something is particularly perplexing: the brother of the alleged "terrorist" says he was not even religious at all:
We are depressed, no one from the family believes media reports. Mohamed couldn't have done it. He has not prayed, he is not religious and has not practiced religious rituals. I do not think that he has committed it on religious or extremist grounds.

So we have a "terrorist" that probably spent all Ramadan feasting, who did not bow before Allah? It makes less sense than the "terrorists" of 9-11, who spent all the time getting high and going to discos. He rather looks like a scapegoat, a random person put in the cabin, surely drugged unconscious, to be presented as a "terrorist". 

Who drove the truck then? Well, something we have learned in the last few years is that a modern hyper-electronic vehicle can perfectly be hacked and driven remotely. It seems that all the trajectory was straight, what makes the manipulation much easier. 

So that is my working hypothesis: someone else, someone within the deep French State, did it, blamed "the Moors". 

In any case my condolences to all the victims. 

PD- It has been recently known that six French military police officers deployed near the Bataclan concert hall did not intervene because they had strict orders of only acting in self-defense. What the fuck?!

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