Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ukranian soldiers: "We need to turn around and march to Kiev because the real enemy is there"

Is Poroshenko and its Nazi "National Guard" and volunteer companies losing their grip on power? This video, filmed with probably a mobile phone on the frontline by three soldiers (recruits) seems to underline the massive discontent after a whole year of civil war and economic looting:

The sentence used in the title is pronounced, with minor modifications, towards then end of the video (6:39). It impacted me particularly because it seems taken from the worker demands at the beginning of World War I and later also taking place in fact in the proletarian revolutions at the end of that conflict. The idea is also present in some poem of Bertolt Brecht and it is very much true in the case of Ukraine. I have been honestly waiting for this moment to happen: when the army turns around and marches against the real enemy in Kiev. It still has to happen but it's clear that idea is floating around. 

Otherwise the soldiers heavily complain about salaries, not just their own but also their families and the pensions of the elderly, the heavy losses in the war and the pampered status of the National Guard (fascists) and the volunteer companies (also fascists), which are used not for frontline fighting mostly but for terrorism against civilians and even against the regular troops, whose moral is at an all time bottom. 

I believe that when they say "ATO" it means "NATO" but unsure.

Via: Basque Committee of Solidarity with Donbass (their video has Spanish subtitles).

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