Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Basque Country: prisoner of consciousness Urtza Alkorta arrested after police forcibly breaches 'human wall'

Urtza Alkorta (pictured below), victim of the Spanish Inquisition political persecution of Basque independentism and worker power, who was being protected by hundreds forming a "human wall" at her hometown of Ondarroa, was arrested this morning.

Western Basque police corps Ertzaintza arrested this victim of political persecution by Spanish imperialism after forcibly breaching the "human wall" organized in the pedestrian bridge of the fishing town.

They also arrested two other people under probably false accusations.

While commanding the semi-autonomous police forces to intervene in favor of Spanish political persecution against Basque citizens (again), the Western Basque regional president, I. Urkullu (EAJ-PNV), seemed only concerned about the cost to the public coffers, claiming in his typically hypocritical style that it was "a waste of resources". 

Sources: Naiz Info (link 1, link 2), Borroka Garaia Da!

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