Friday, February 17, 2012

Who works how much in the European Union? (or 'I want to be Dutch')

As mentioned in June, the myths about Mediterranean alleged laziness are without any merit. Now again by the hand of the OECD statistics' bureau (hat tip: Marie commenting at NC), we unveil again who works how much in Europe:

If there is a lazy zone in Europe that one is towards the Northwest. Of course Norwegians are living off the oil but what about the Dutch or the Danes? Or also Germans or Brits?

Only a few peoples work above 40 weekly hours on average in Europe and, against all the Neonazi imperialist propaganda by Merkel and cronies, the Greek People is among them.

Note: even if weekly hours are not provided for the USA, the yearly hours are and are exactly as Italy (1778 hrs), what means that in the USA they also work on average less than 40 hrs per week, whatever they say (37.8 to be precise).

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