Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Morocco murders young activists in West Sahara

Nayem Elgarhi
Moroccan troops murdered  boy aged just 14, Elgarhi Nayem Foidal Mohamed Sueidi, and injured seven other teenagers when they stumbled upon a checkpoint of the occupation forces at the entrance of the camp raised by democratic Sahrawi organizations at the outskirts of El Aaiun.

Only some of the identities are known as of now: Garhi Zoubeir (brother of Nayem), Alaoui Lagdaf, Dawdi Ahmed, Salek Filali and Abderhaman Humid. They are at Hospital Hassan El Mehdi and nothing else is known yet about their situation.

According to the known version, the teenagers were about to access the Justice and Dignity Camp when they stumbled upon the Royal Gendarmerie's checkpoint. They pulled back and were persecuted by the occupant troops with the tragic result already mentioned.

A second victim may be also dead.

Camp destroyed at Smara

The occupant forces have also destroyed a camp at Smara, beating people indiscriminately and arresting known activist Daida Abdeslam.

At the El Aaiun camp, police has raised a wall enclosing it, making it a de-facto concentration camp.

Images from the Justice and Dignity Camp

The comments of the video are in Spanish with Arabic accent but he essentially says that the people are there to demand from the EU that Moroccan products from the occupied territory are not accepted as normal imports, that Sahrawis feel they are being robbed of their resources, be them mineral (phosphates) or animal (fish), while they are forced to survive in abject poverty (unemployment among Sahrawis is nearly total) and deprived of all civil rights and their sovereign rights as a distinct nation.

Sources[es]: La Haine, Sahara Libre (1, 2, 3)

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