Friday, March 14, 2014

Zionist murder machine bombs Gaza massively

On the Wednesday-Thursday night, the Zionist military aviation bombed the Gaza macro-ghetto not less than nine times. This was followed by artillery bombing. 

Miraculously this time no personal victims are reported in spite of at least 50 impacts.

The attack comes as growing escalation happened between Palestinian militias and the Zionist genocidal forces, after these killed a militant, what was responded by the firing of some 130 homemade rockets.

The Zionist minister Avigdor Lieberman (a crudely Nazi Russian settler) demanded the re-occupation of Gaza Strip by the colonial army, something that obviously would report more costs than benefits to the Western colonial enclave known as "Israel". However I guess it sounds populist enough in the bully cowboy mentality of the Zionist settler community that controls Palestine with full NATO support.

Source: Webguerrillero[es].

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