Thursday, March 27, 2014

Turkish government blocks YouTube afer leak showing plans to frame up Syria into a casus belli

After banning Twitter it was already speculated that the next in line in Erdogan's fascist spree of repression would be YouTube, because it was the main window to what is happening in the country. 

Therefore this development would not come as surprise, except for the direct trigger: a conversation between three top Turkish officers on framing up Syria into a casus belli in order to invade the Arab country. 

The video has already been deleted from YouTube (why? Uncle Sam's long hand obviously) but the transcription is as follows:

(from Russia Today)

So Turkey's beleaguered Islamist PM Erdogan is looking for a pretext to invade Syria, what in this conversation is transmitted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Davutoglu. 

Let's remember that Syria is a secularist modern state, similar to what Turkey used to be before Erdogan, and that relations between both states used to be good.

Let's remember that it was not Syria but Israel which actually made an act of piracy against the peaceful humanitarian Turkish ship Mavi Marmara, murdering several Turks and injuring many others. There you have an spontaneous casus belli, not just for Turkey but for all NATO (the ship is Turkish territory and it was in the area guaranteed by NATO, north of the Tropic of Cancer). 

So the Chief Spy Fidan has a plan: send some Turkish spies to bomb some Kurdish border village or whatever is needed to create the pretext. The Deputy Chief of Staff Guler seems to back the idea.

So the Deputy Foreign Minister Sinirlioglu doesn't seem too happy about how the "national security" has become a mere pretext for Erdogan's pathetic and corrupt domestic policies. Guess who may get fired for thinking too much?

We seldom see from so close the way key political and in this case war and false-flag attack decisions are made. We are bound to look back over what has happened and try to deduce some logic out of it and whatever evidence the powerful wrongdoers may have left. 

Naturally if you do, you're often insulted as "conspiranoid". Well conspirations happen and much more often than we appreciate. By this I do not mean that every conspiration theory floating around is just right but that we can't decide without looking first at the evidence. As I learned from my father, who grew up under Fascism, one must read "between lines" and not literally in order to understand, in other words: one must discern the hidden meaning behind the propaganda we have for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. This is not easy and requires training and, to some extent at least, a sharp mind.

The Deep State is real, call it Gladio, call it Ergenekon, call it CIA/NSA/HS or call it just your usual elite-serving and self-serving political and military elite.

World Word III risk

No kidding. Turkey intervening in Syria would most likely cause a war spiral: Iran no doubt would back Syria right away and Russia, so extremely pressed with the Ukranian putsch, will feel the need and opportunity to intervene here or there, backed by its huge nuclear arsenal, which is probably the only one matching Washington's. 

Turkey is a NATO member and in this case NATO would have no qualms to intervene, unlike what happened with the Mavi Marmara (which was a genuine casus belli). The hawks in the USA and Europe alike have been looking for a pretext to attack Syria for a long time. So this can quickly spiral out of control into a nuclear war. 

No kidding, really. 

In fact we are probably now more at risk of nuclear war than almost any time during the Cold War. And mostly we can blame US-led aggressive imperialism for it (it's Syria but also Ukraine and the overall Brzynski plan to besiege both Russia and China in Eurasia. Plan for which the interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan are key spearheads, as well as the incorporation of much of Eastern Europe into NATO and EU.

What happens with YouTube and Twitter?

An Ankara court has supported Twitter appeal against the Turkish decision to block it, however the authorities have a whole month to comply, what means that the social media will most likely be unavailable for the local elections of March 30, which may well be a major defeat for Erdogan's fundamentalists, judging on the state of massive uprising that the country is since last year.

In any case, if the false flag attack is performed and there is intervention against Syria and, as I forecast, the situation spirals into generalized war, forget about freedom of speech at all in the Internet as in any other media. We will all have to resort to TOR encryption and IP hiding systems and even then we will be persecuted by the Gestapo, whatever its new name may be. 

The first victim of any war is always freedom of speech.

Main source: Russia Today.

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