Monday, March 3, 2014

Update on the resistance of the citizenry of Bilbao against the Troika summit

In the afternoon the riots moved to the Old Quarter. I have so far only scarce reports on them.

More importantly there was a second demo called for the evening but it was called out in the last minute, and very poorly so. The dozens of citizens who were there got no information whatsoever about that and waited perplex for some time until rumor spread that an alternative call had been made for Plaza Elíptica instead.

Plaza Eliptika rally this evening

Thousands, were there in spite of the rain and heavy police deployment, lots of young people notably. However the organizers merely read a manifesto with poor quality loudspeakers and called the rally out in few minutes.

Later I know that there were more riots at least in the Old Quarter.

Right now I don't have a complete count of arrests or injuries. But I know that through the day many commerces of major brands (El Corte Inglés, Zara, car companies) have been attacked. 
Update: a total of 7 have been arrested, 50 others have been identified, according to police sources (→ Naiz Info).

The explanation for the calling out of the evening demo is not too clear. Apparently the police imposed such conditions for the march to proceed, including a change in the route, that the social movement coalition Gune decided that it was impossible to proceed.

Sare Antifaxista (The Antifascist Network) has stated that they disagree with one of the points agreed by Gune and that they found the explanations clearly insufficient.

Sources[es/eu]: Sare Antifaxista (1, 2), Naiz Info, Berria.

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