Friday, March 14, 2014

Gysi (Die Linke) denounces fascists in Ukraine

It seems one has to be a communist to recognize a fascist and the dire threat they represent to Humanity. All the rest, conservatives, liberals and socialdemocrats alike, look elsewhere and pretend nothing is happening. The same happened when Hitler came to power: only the communists faced him, while all the rest extended the red carpet for the worst dictatorship Europe has known. 

Gregor Gysi leads the main opposition party in Germany, Die Linke (The Left), and angrily criticized on Thursday the bourgeois coalition government of Angela Merkel for supporting the Fascist putsch in Ukraine. Excerpts:

They formed a new government..... Immediately recognized by president Obama by the EU and German government as well. Miss Merkel! The vice- prime minister, the defense minister, minister of agriculture, environment minister, the attorney general.. They are fascists!

With fascists in Ukraine we are doing nothing. Svoboda party has tight contacts with NPD and other Nazi parties in Europe.. The leader of this party, Oleg Tyagnibok, has recalled that literally.

He also acknowledged that European peoples have the right to self-determination and that this applies equally to Crimea, the Basque Country and Catalonia, exactly as happens with NATO-protected Kosova:

The Basques are asking why can't they make their choice, whether they want to stay within Spain or not? Catalans are asking, why can't they decide whether they want to belong to Spain or not. Of course people living in Crimea are asking the same thing. I think that Crimea breaking away from Ukraine is just the same as Kosovo.

NATO's aggressive policies in Europe were not spared:
When we restored Germany's unity, the US, German and other foreign ministers proclaimed there will be no NATO expansion to the east. But this promise has been broken. There was an expansion of NATO in Russia's direction. 

Source: Russia Today.  

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