Monday, March 24, 2014

Spain: Thousands march in Madrid again. Camp set up at Puerta del Sol

Less than three years after the landmark takeover of the Puerta del Sol plaza in Madrid by the so-called "indignados" (outraged), thousands have taken again the iconic plaza in demand of bread, jobs and housing for all and the liberation of those arrested on Saturday. 

On Saturday, at least 2 million people, took over the city, arrived from all the corners of the residual empire known as Spain, being almost totally ignored by the mass media... but not at all by police forces, which charged brutally against them.

This photo is yet to be published by any bourgeois newspaper or TV station

Dozens were arrested and many others injured. At least part of the crowds were angry enough to attempt self-defense against police violence. 

On Sunday, the protests continued in smaller but still powerful numbers, under heavy police pressure (kettling, provocations) and also with some groups resorting to more direct action, blockading several times the main avenue Gran Vía. 

Some 20 people spent last night protesting in Sol, even if police did not allow them to set up camp. 

Today Monday, protests continue as way too many are determined to have a social and political impact after the huge effort of the march. 

In the morning people rallied around the tribunals, where the arrested were finally declaring before the judge. Again the cops pressed heavily against the protest.

In the afternoon the arrested were finally set free (under charges, I presume). The first reports denounce police abuse:

Seven hours against a wall with arms up, not allowed to go to the bathroom nor drink.

Around 16:30 some people had already managed to set up camp in Sol and the call became viral: everyone to Sol. 

Again, three years of outright misery and lies later. 

Popular assembly at Sol
The assembly ratifies the points of the march:
  • No to paying the banksters' debt
  • No more cuts
  • Out with Troika governments
  • Bread, jobs and shelter for all

They also call to set camp at the plaza.

In the evening another demonstration marches through the city under the slogan "Dignity".

Thousands join.

They chant: "it's not cuts, it's class war", "freedom for the arrested in struggle" or "Juan Carlos I is Franco's heir".

Attorney Doris Benegas announced that all but one of the arrested have been set free. One remains accused of "homicide attempt", an unusually severe accusation, and has been imprisoned. However it was later known that the accusation has been reduced to "lesions". 

The government decides to declare illegal the demonstration when this one was already about to reach its destination: Cibeles Plaza. The final act is held at Nuevos Ministerios and the march is peacefully dissolved.

Those camping at Puerta del Sol are surrounded by police forces who do not let anyone enter. In spite of that, the square seems pretty much populated, judging from the direct streams:

Sol tonight (credit: Danips)

Is this a second "Spanish Spring"? Where will it lead? Outrage, frustration and rage are much greater than three years ago. 

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