Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fukushima Daiichi could well explode again after earthquake

If someone thought that the Fukushima catastrophe was under control even slightly... they can justifiedly enter in panic hysteria mode now. 

Of course, if a it could not withstand the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, when it was still standing and radiation-caused materials' degradation was still limited, less reason to think they would when the whole structures are collapsed and radiation has mined the very structure of matter in all the facility.

Because that's what radiation does: alter and destroy matter, what for us is like the substance of the universe and the fundamentals we live on. It may be living matter (our bodies, nature...) or it may be inert matter but it erodes it all eventually. 

So after the 7.3 magnitude earthquake that the area suffered on December 7th, the already severely damaged Fukushima Daiichi structures, notably reactor no. 1, are showing worrying signs that may end with yet another explosion of the doomed (and dooming) facility. 

Since then the reports pile up about something going on: mystery pressure rise, "something corium-related" going on, hydrogen concentration risisng... and there may well be another larger earthquake any time. 

The troubling reports not only affected Fukushima I (Daiichi) but also Fukushima II (Daini), where internal pressure had to be readjusted manually after the tremor. 

Of course this is not something that only affects Japan but all the World and very especially North America, where winds and currents bring most of the radioactive problems generated in Japan, as this reconstruction shows quite blatantly (h/t Fukushima Emergency...):

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