Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bahrain prisoner of conscience in hunger strike: health quickly collapsing

From Bahrain Center of Human Rights.

Urgent Appeal: Political Prisoner Ali Radhi’s Health Rapidly Deteriorating on 4th Day of Hunger Strike

4 Dec 2012

Further to information published by the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) regarding the recent attack on prisoners at the Dry Dock prison (, the BCHR has received following information regarding ill-treatment of prisoners. 

The 23 year-old political prisoner Ali Radhi from Al-Eker village is on the fourth day of a hunger strike to protest being placed in a solitary confinement for the last four days without any explanation. His health is rapidly deteriorating.

Following his arrest last October, Ali Radhi has been allegedly beaten, tortured, and forced into signing a confession against his will as well as implicate a list of people in other alleged crimes; Ali did not know many of the people on the list. During his interrogation, one of the main interrogators and torturers, Isa Al-Majali, told Ali “You will say what we want you to say, or you will be taken into the ‘black room’”. Ali continued to demand to see a lawyer, and he was taken into the ‘black room’ where he was brutally beaten.

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