Friday, December 7, 2012

Egypt: clashes continue as Morsi sticks to his totalitarian reforms

While Islamist-leaning Aljazeera suggested that Morsi offered concessions, secularist Uruknet claims instead that the Egyptian President offered exactly nothing at all.

In fact he declined to even discuss his self-decreed all-encompassing new powers or to call a referendum on the new constitution being drafted by an Islamist dominated Constituent Assembly, which was never elected

The so-called Constitutional Assembly was originally elected by the Shura Council (Upper House), of which 1/3 is appointed by the President. This led to conflicts that were apparently solved by agreement but then again trickery allowed the Muslim Brotherhood managed to get a majority that does not have in the polls.

While Morsi rejects to compromise and tries to impose his authoritarian version of a constitution which would be the continuation of Mubarak's undemocratic regime, the streets of Cairo and other places in Egypt have been teeming with unrest and low intensity civil war.

Here footage from Roxy Square (source: Jaddaliya):

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