Monday, December 3, 2012

Large demo in Budapest against Nazis

In a rather hypocritical act, the fascist party in power, Fidesz, led by the infamous Viktor Orban, and the social-democratic opposition have joined forces against the last provocation by the Nazis (Jobbik), who organize death squads against the Roma and now are calling for the banishment of all citizens of Jewish ancestry from public office (they are so deadly serious about it that they kicked out one of their most prominent leaders when it became known that he was Jewish by birth).

While I can't but applaud this rare gesture of rallying the nation against racism, I find it a case of too little, too later and too hypocritical. Regardless of what those brainless thugs of Jobbik say, there are many more Roma than Jews in Hungary and nobody has done anything like this to support them against Jobbik but rather the Nazis have been allowed to run amok. 

I feel that, sadly enough, this is a case of one type of fascism, which keeps the formalities of parliamentary democracy... by the moment, which does not want to be too obviously racist, notably not against affluent and influential minorities like Jews (the Breivik model) and another which is obsessed with Jews (a la Hitler).

They play each other as dummies for the same goal of oppressing the people ruthlessly for the benefit of a few mafiosi, the so called "investors". 

Meanwhile Hungary goes down the drainage in a spiral of misery that should have people longing for the welfare of the socialist past... but apparently does not.

Ref. Euronews (video and transcription).

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