Monday, December 3, 2012

The illegitimate President of Mexico inaugurates attacking the People

Peña (L) appointed Colombian Gral. Naranjo (R),
a known drug mafioso, as his right-hand in the
so-called war against drug traffic. The fox and the
chickens, you know.
If the PAN was undemocratic, the return of the PRI looks even worse (if such thing is possible). They both won the latest elections through massive rigging and vote-buying¹,and they both are accomplices with drug trafficking and the turning of Mexico into Colombia v.2 with the help of the CIA².

But while the protests in 2006 against López Obrador's rigged victory were a show of civism and self-containment by both sides, Peña Nieto has decided to leave his mark since the very beginning in form of violence against the people.

Citizen protests in Mexico DF and Guadalajara were brutally repressed by police forces at the orders of the new illegitimate President, as you can watch in these videos:



Source: La Haine[es].

¹ See here, here, here, here and here.
² See here, here and here.

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