Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Indonesia: the millions murdered by Suharto

While the Capitalist propaganda machinery (aka "free media", all owned by a bunch of oligarchs) is quick to recall the massacres real or alleged of the so-called Communist regimes, it almost never dwells with the at least as brutal and merciless repression of its own system, like the US prison-slavery system, which creates the criminals (usually black people) artificially in order to get cheap work force.

Al Jazeera, while most of the time silent in what affects to Islamist regimes like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Egypt, offers now and then research on some such matters and now it is providing, in a hidden corner and such (let's not too many people watch it), a documentary in one of the less know mass murder campaigns of recent history: the murder of millions of communist sympathizers in Indonesia after the Suharto coup. 

Most people, knows nothing of that, not even in Indonesia. 

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