Friday, December 7, 2012

Qatar: poet sentenced to life in prison for crying freedom

The same power that sustains that sometimes interesting Aljazeera throws into jail a poet just for disliking absolutism, no matter how "illustrated" it may be (not much, it seems obvious now).

On November 29th, Mohammed al-Ajami, also known as Mohammed Ibn al-Dheeb, was tried on charges of incitement “to overthrow the ruling system”, and “insulting the Amir”.  

He was arrested in November 2011 following the publication of his “Jasmine Poem”, which broadly criticized governments across the Gulf region, saying “we are all Tunisia in the face of the repressive elite”.

The sentence (life in prison) has caused fear and outrage in the emirate and its surroundings. 

Source: Jaddaliyya (includes an emotive recitation of the Jasmine Poem in the original Arabic).

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