Wednesday, December 5, 2012

High costs may kill nuclear energy in France

Enel, the Italian partner of all-powerful French energy corporation EDF, has withdrawn from the project to build a new nuclear station in Northern France because the costs are too high and would make impossible to export electricity, which has been the lifeline of the French nuclear emporium. 

An analyst declared after this: Last 24 hours have 'killed' French nuclear

Let's celebrate!

It was all the time a public danger and it still it but a walk of a thousand miles (i.e. dismantling nuclear idiocy in Europe and the World) begins with one step. 

The Flammaville construction costs of the planned reactor had risen to more than eight billion euros, when in 2005 EDF said that it'd be less than half. 

A risk (already seen in the USA) is that, as nuclear becomes less and less profitable, the tendency in the private sector may be to reduce costs, even at the expense of safety. 

But it is always good that, for whatever reasons, nuclear power plants are being closed or not built anymore: nuclear energy is simply a risk we cannot afford.

While nuclear-reliant France sees its energy exports decline, renewable-inclined Germany has seen costs decrease sharply and exports grow very fast. Italy also renounced to nuclear energy recently, while Spain is allowing (it seems) some of its most obsolete and dangerous nuclear facilities to be decommissioned.

Nuclear is so yesteryear, so Twentieth Century... 

Source: Reuters (via EneNews).

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