Monday, December 10, 2012

Warning against rising fascism in post-Fukushima Japan

Iori Mochizuki (Fukushima Diary) writes today about the very real risks of Japan going in fascist mode. For its great interest I reproduce it here the article in its entirety:

3 reasons why we must stop loving Japan

There were some reasons why I left Japan. One of the biggest reasons was the spreading radiation, but another reason was the rising fascism.

I did not talk about that much because nobody expected Japan to become right-wing again. Everyone thought Japan was the most peaceful country. However, I have been warning the rising fascism of Japan since the very day zero.

Next Sunday, Japan is going to have an election, and LDP is thought to come back to power.

Here I’m going to explain 3 terrible changes expected to happen.

1. The Imperial Sovereignty and military

LDP is trying to change the constitution and they made the draft of constitutional amendment on 4/27/2012. [Link]

In article 1, they defined the sovereignty to belong to the emperor though it contradicts the preamble to state the sovereignty of the people. In the current constitution, emperor is supposed to be “the symbol” of the people, not the sovereign.

How does it matter ? It’s “who owns the military”.

LDP is planning to build Japanese military. [Link]

In the old constitution, “Constitution of the Empire of Japan” until WW2, supreme command authority belonged to the emperor, he had the right to order the military.
He actually doesn’t order. It is the government to order from behind the emperor. By shifting the sovereignty from the people to the emperor, the government can control the military however they like.

2. Affirmation of bondage

In article 18 of the current constitution, it is stated below,

Article 18. No person shall be held in bondage of any kind. Involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime, is prohibited.

In the draft of constitutional amendment of LDP, the part of “No person shall be held in bondage of any kind.” is removed. Instead, the replacement of this article18 is very vague and lax.

第十八条 何人も、その意に反すると否とにかかわらず、社会的又は経済的関係において身体を拘束されない。

Article 18. Nobody is physically restricted in the social and economical relationship whether it’s against the person’s will or not.

The definition of “social and economical relationship” is not stated. It suggests the possibility of conscription for military and Fukushima decommissioning. (cf. [Column] What is going to happen for the next stage of Fukushima accident ?)

3. Enabling act

In their draft, a provision in a law that confers on cabinet the power to implement or enforce the law under the declaration of emergency is stated, which reminds us of the Nazis. (Wikipedia. Enabling act of 1933)

In article 98, they define what the “emergency” is.

第九十八条 内閣総理大臣は、我が国に対する外部からの武力攻撃、内乱等による社会秩序の混乱、地震等による大規模な自然災害その他の法律で定める緊急事態において、 特に必要があると認めるときは、法律の定めるところにより、閣議にかけて、緊急事態の宣言を発することができる。

Article 98. in case of armed attack to Japan, confusion of the social order due to civil strife etc, large natural disaster such as earthquake and other emergency stipulated by the law, the prime minister can declare the emergency with a Cabinet meeting when it’s necessary.

and in article 99, they address the enabling clause.

第九十九条 緊急事態の宣言が発せられたときは、法律の定めるところにより、内閣は法律と同一の効力を有する政令を制定することができるほか、内閣総理大臣は財政上必要な支出その他の処分を行い、地方自治体の長に対して必要な指示をすることができる。

Article 99. Under the declaration of emergency, as it’s stipulated by law, Cabinet can establish cabinet orders, which is as valid as laws, and prime minister can determine necessary expense etc, give orders to municipalities.

They already have an “armed attack” from North Korea. (cf. [Column] Japan expecting a Christmas present from North Korea)

These are also 3 reasons why I left Japan other than radiation.

Fukushima Diary will be the internet resistance. It will fight the fascism until either of them falls down.

Source and full credit: Fukushima Diary.

Update: Fukushima emergency, what can we do? has a lengthy and scary follow-up meditation predicting that under the foreseeable new LDP government, Japanese youths will be conscripted in school, under threat of social and economic ostracism, to go to work and die in Fukushima in a desperate attempt to control the disaster.


  1. Is leaving one's Mother/Father land a solution in such a scenario? The global balance of power is shifting and capitalism is crumbling. Our wars are in our respective lands Mr/Ms Iori.

    1. You should tell that to Iori Mochizuki in his blog probably. This is just a, properly credited, copy-paste.

      Whatever the case Japan is in a horrible situation, undeserved to a great extent (nobody deserves a Chernobyl/Fukushima, not the common citizens certainly) and something must be done.

      In any case, for the Japanese young people, dying for the idiocies of your parents seems equally stupid. We are NOT our parents.

    2. I have no idea how serious the situation in Fukushima is. However, Europe is also facing a lot of financial problems and so is the US. Would you suggest all Europeans and Americans run away from their respective countries.

    3. Mochizuki's ideas may be impractical and personally I think that, if Japanese authorities acknowledged the severity of the matter and worked for containing and fixing the problem instead of hiding it, only parts of Honsu would need to be evacuated (Fukushima Prefecture indeed but also other areas in central Japan).

      But in much of Japan the situation is similar to that of Belarus and nearby parts of Ukraine and Russia. "Chernobyl Children" have been coming here for summer for the last decades and experiencing temporary improvements in health and mood thanks to it. Of course they'd need to evacuate but no means were or are provided for that, so only private patches exist.

      Also what scares legitimaly Mochizuki is that the authorities are forcing people, notably children in schools, to eat food from contaminated areas in a criminal practice pretending to be solidarity. Similarly they have scattered much of the contaminated materials on the pretext of solidarity, so instead of having only a part of Japan to be evacuated (including much of Tokyo), they are forcing every single Japanese to eat shit, literally, on "patriotic" grounds.

      They also export as much as they can, notably to Thailand. While in some cases radioactive imports from Japan have been halted at destination (Russia, Egypt, China...) it's almost certain that in many other cases they are succeeding in scattering the radioactive junk around the world.

      The attitude of the Japanese authorities, with full backing of US and international nuclear institutions, belongs to nightmares and horror movies, yet it is as real as you and me. With Chernobyl there was at least some control, possibly because it was used as political issue in the context of the late Cold War, but with Fukushima, which may well be several times more serious, there is just no control whatsoever - even the 20 km initial evacuation area has been repopulated criminally.

      "Would you suggest all Europeans and Americans run away from their respective countries".

      If what is happening in Japan would happen here, indeed. We must save the children always: society and everything exists for the children and nothing else. And children are the first victims of radiation and those who suffer the most (because they are growing, what means incorporating large amounts of matter from outside their bodies).

      Countries and nations must only be means to people - and of all people children matter the most.

    4. I'd certainly agree with you on the Radiation bit. Having spent some time in S Korea I can understand how Autocratic a Democratic government can be in North-East Asia. Maybe I should read more about the situation in Japan.

      BTW, I visited Iori's blog. Looks like he is searching for a room ---> ... I suggested he shift to Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. The comment is awaiting moderation.

  2. Yeah, before we can issue advice and opinion, we must learn first. "Ikusi eta ikasi": "watch and learn", they say here.

    If you really want to communicate with Mochizuki, try maybe the social networks like twitter, facebook and all that. I'm a proud Crô-magnon with no interest in such matters. So my advise ends here.


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