Friday, December 30, 2011

Turkey murders 35 civilian citizens in Kurdistan

The Turkish military bombed a group that marched by the mountains: 35 people, some of them minors... smugglers... smugglers for whom that is their only income: poor Kurdish workers, citizens of Turkey only on the paper, in fact slaves of the new Ottoman Empire: members of an unrecognized nation, a problem that they don't want to solve but to annihilate. 

Gara[es] discusses how the Turkish concept of terrorism is one of brushes, pencils, photographs, music art and culture, according to their Minister or Interior, or how now they want to identify the BDP with the PKK and therefore, ultimately, make every single Kurd a terrorist for the simple fact of being of that ethnicity.

See also: Al Jazeera.

Update: a video of the clashes that ensued as the Turkish police force repressed a Kurdish demonstration in Istanbul, in protest for this this massacre, can be found at

Update (Dec 31st):

Gara[es] reports that the Communist Party of Kurdistan (PKK) has made an appeal for Northern Kurdistan to arise. Meanwhile the funerals for the victims of the massacre have become open demonstrations of anger against the Turkish authorities with direct threats against PM Erdogan being cried out.

One of the few survivors, Haci Encu, 19, narrated how they were about to cross the official border between Turkey and Iraq in order to buy sugar and gasoline, when they spotted the drones. As they were doing their normal journey, they did not expect any attack and did not look for refuge. That way the robot planes could murder 20 of them in the first attack easily.

Another survivor, Servet Encu, explained how they have to live on smuggling, risking their lives for just a bit of bread and butter. He claimed that the army knew perfectly that they were not guerrillas because that route is always used by civilians.

BDP leader Gultan Kisanak agreed with this idea and declared that it was an intentional massacre by which Ankara intends to send the following message to the Kurds: shut up and submit.

However it is clear that the actual effect has been the opposite.

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