Monday, December 5, 2011

External article: "War With Iran: A Provocation Away?" (Antifascist Calling)

Actually, in spite of the title, this article is mostly about uncovering a sabotage attack by CIA (or Mossad) against the Iranian nuclear program last Nov. 28th than discussing the almost obsessive (but typically empty) threat of a most unlikely war with Iran. It is anyhow full of information from various sources and hence well worth a careful read. 

Amid conflicting reports that a huge explosion at Iran's uranium conversion facility in Isfahan occurred last week, speculation was rife that Israel and the United States were stepping-up covert attacks against defense and nuclear installations.

The Isfahan complex transforms mined uranium into uranium fluoride gas which is then "spun" by centrifuges that enrich it into usable products for medical research and for Iran's civilian nuclear energy program.

While Iranian officials sought to distance themselves from initial reporting by the semi-official Fars news agency that a "loud explosion" was heard across the city, but that "the sound of the explosion was from [a] military exercise," has been contradicted by several sources.

Indeed, some Iranian officials have denied that an explosion even took place.

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The allegedly attacked facility near Isfahan

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