Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Punks arrested and humilliated in Aceh (Indonesia)

They were taking part in a charity concert for the orphans of the 2004 tsunami. Some 64 were arrested, forcibly shaven and sent to "moral reeducation". Not for any reason but their way of life.

Some of the arrested youths

Believe it or not, something very similar happened in the 80s here in Bilbao: when the town hall decided to raid the fiestas and forcibly wash and shave everyone sporting long hair or a mohawk. Many were seasonal vagabonds (whose arguable lack of hygiene was the pretext) but many other were just locals enjoying the holidays. Police made no distinctions and all were humiliated with an institutional shower and an undesired haircut. 

Naturally, it is intolerable that in the name of Sharia or whatever other obsolete religious idiocy (oh, man, you just have to read a couple of lines from the Bible to have Yaveh demonstrated as silly farce!) normal decodifying Punk people are being abused and mistreated this way.

Sharia vs. Punk? Sharia loses for sure. It may take a few years however. So they better retreat to their temples of fear while they can.

More on this story at Punks against Apartheid.

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