Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Self-proclaimed "rating agencies" threat to downgrade all the Eurozone

This is getting strangely funny, the self-proclaimed rulers of our lives, the self-proclaiming "rating agencies" located overseas, have gone on rampage of downgrade warnings through Europe. Not even Germany or, say, Finland, have been spared.

Of course, I understand that it is about time for European governments of all colors to face the dictatorship of the Bankster Mafia and downgrade the downgraders. States do NOT need credit: they can print their own money and they can nationalize banks and companies at whim, and so can the EU as a whole if its members could even get their act together and their leaders had even a minimal commitment to their own dignity.

Under the pressure of the so called "markets" (the Bankster Mafia) European Peoples have been accruing unbelievable and unnecessary sacrifices: it is more than due the time of declaring external bankruptcy, monetizing domestic debt and nationalizing all banks. 

Otherwise it will be this torture day after day, week after week with no end in sight: because the IMF "remedy" is actually worsening the illness.

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