Monday, December 5, 2011

Breaking News: Fukushima programmer confesses: there was a virus in the system

I have discussed this possibility in the past but mostly discarded as not proven. However what Mochizuki mentions today (sourced to Japanese language news sites: zasshi and yahoo news) does bring the matter to the forefront again.

Because of the importance of the revelation, I copy here what Mochizuki explains literally:
A computer engineer found out operating system of Fukushima plants have been attacked, and those attacks were mostly from / via Russia. This engineer is counted as one of the members of Fukushima 50.

They installed the system about 6 years ago. It means, someone / some organizations have been attacking the system since 6 years ago.

The engineer was called by JP government on 3/14/2011.He was the developer of the system in Fukushima. He was in Tokyo,but taken to Fukushima plants by the helicopter of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. His mission was to reboot the auto operating system and re-start it as manual mode.

Because the system was shut down after black out ,they could not operate the systems to control the pressure ,water injecting ,radiation shield etc. and that must be done by him.

He managed to reboot the system and restart it in a manual mode ,but he encountered series of troubles such as password entry screen did not come out or his password entering was disturbed by compute bug.He sorted it out by formatting the system but it was obvious that someone sent virus to the system.

He tried to send virus backward. and it reached to Russia. Someone sent virus from or via Russia.

He asked to staff from JP government about what is going on ,but they did not tell him anything in the name of “confidential”.

Now, the question is: the virus arrived via Russia, alright, but could it be a random (or even intentionally directed) copy of Stuxnet, the infamous Zionist-Pentagon virus that targeted Siemens computers used in nuclear facilities in so many different countries, notably Iran, and rumored to have been used by several Japanese nuclear facilities, including Fukushima Daiichi? It looks reasonably likely.

Are Japanese accidental victims of the cyber-war against Iranian nuclear facilities? Are French, Russian and other facilities also exposed? Was the virus just an extra problem in the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, which would have happened without it? Or was it a necessary element in the chain of events that caused the worst nuclear disaster ever? Has the USA (and Israel) nuked Japan again by accident?

PS- Remember that, whatever the case, Siemens, the main target of Stuxnet abandoned the nuclear energy business in September, allegedly  because of decreasing demand.

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