Sunday, December 25, 2011

14,000 killed in USA because of Fukushima fallout

That is what a study claims:

13,983 total deaths and 822 infant deaths in excess of the expected.

We all have read or heard to pro-nuclear fanatics or mercenary pens that almost nobody died because of Chernobyl. Then realistic estimates in fact say millions and never mind the pain inflicted in so many families living in hazardous conurbations like Kiev.

We will have to hear the same for Fukushima: because people do not "die of radiation" but of some illness like leukemia or thyroid cancer or unexpected heart collapse or bleeding to death because your body can't repair the tissue anymore. For the same reason we could argue that people do not die of old age either. Of course it'd be absurd. 

So take note: 14,000 in the USA and go figure how many in Japan, where no health surveys are conducted but people are dying as we speak.

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