Monday, December 12, 2011

Surviving Japan (and other Fukushima related news and such)

Surviving Japan is the title of a documentary by Chris Nolan, who volunteered to help in the aftermath of the massive earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe that devastated NE Honshu just nine months ago. This is a short preview:

As Ex-SKF says, this documentary will not be promoted at all by media or institutions, so we better do it ourselves.

I also thought that all the weekly news about Fukushima may well get weekly coverage in this blog separated from the rest of events, specially when the news, comments and rumors pile up as has been the case these last weeks, as more and more people is realizing worldwide how bad the Fukushima catastrophe is, how much out of any sort of control is and will be in the future, with an uncontrolled China syndrome and permanent emission of radioactive materials to the atmosphere and ocean, and how much the Japanese authorities have lied and keep lying in a desperate effort to avoid any responsibility before their citizens and before the World. 

So here there are the news that have accumulated this past week, not just for Japan but also for other states, like China or the USA:

Fuku-leaks: leaking death to the environment  and your body since March 2011:

The China syndrome (already discussed last week as well):

This was a small explosion compared with the China syndrome

The "solutions":

The lies and the truth behind them:

Some workers began speaking out

Public enemy | Fukushima Diary - Prof. Hayakawa warned by his university for speaking out the truth.

Gag Rule | Fukushima Diary - University pathetically cutting electricity to Prof. Hayakawa press conference (videos).

The daily radioactive abuse of the Japanese People by their own authorities:

Meiji formula is radioactive

T. Akiyama, first Japanese astronaut, is just another victim of the Japanese neglect of their own people (Asahi)
Fukushima Residents Had Max 37 Millisieverts External Radiation in 4 Months | EX-SKF - up to 1mSv per year is considered tolerable (these people, including children, are getting 140 times the accepted precautionary limit).

Some reported illnesses and deaths from radiation:

TEPCO's Press Conference: Yoshida Has Esophagus Cancer | EX-SKF - Yoshida is former Fukushima Daiichi director, now retired because of serious illness.
"Baseless Rumors": Japanese Twitterers Do Not Believe Yoshida's Cancer is in the Esophagus | EX-SKF - protuberance near neck suggest thyroid cancer, TEPCO lies again. 

Yoshida and his thyroid(?) cancer

The US complicity in the cover up:

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