Thursday, January 21, 2016

Who are the conspirators behind the refugee crisis?

I say conspirators because at least two key events in this sequence of events were clearly organized, at least so it seems for the trained eye. One was the sudden wave of migrants from Turkey, which would have never happened without the blatant complicity of the Turkish government, which is also the main direct backer of Al Qaeda and DAESH in Syria and Iraq. This one was more or less "explained" when the EU made some concessions but is it enough explanation?

The other event was the alleged mass attack on New Year celebrations in Cologne, which remained unreported for days, only came to light (or is it darkness?) via Anglosaxon media and has so far been accompanied by not a single video or even photo evidence, something most strange when every other person goes around with a camera-equipped phone. Reports of an aborted similar episode in Finland have also surfaced but are equally dubious.

Interestingly, Voltaire Net discusses not these but the side effects: the campaign against specifically Angela Merkel, whose pro immigrant attitude (not at all out of altruism but of interest of the German national bourgeoisie, who expects to exploit as many immigrants as possible) has earned her a decline in popularity. 

After analyzing the Tweeter accounts behind the campaign, the author, A. Fomin, concludes that they are several Tweeters (probably bots) operated apparently from the Western USA. Anglosaxon media, Western USA Tweeter bots... you get the idea, right?

Early January the notorious speculator and confessed sponsor of the refugee traffic to Europe George Soros gave an explicit interview to Wirtschafts Woche where he bitterly critisized Merkel’s stricter European and refugee policy suggesting that it would “cost her chancellorship” [2]. Simultaneously the hashtag #ArrestMerkel and “Merkel Has To Go” motto appeared in Twitter and gained an impressive circulation.

Fomin concludes that it is George Soros and far-right agit-prop bots which are the ones behind this strange campaign that may well cause the collapse of EU, regardless of Merkel's political destiny. 

Why is Soros so angry at Merkel? It may well be because Germany has never been a genuine ally in his policies for Ukraine and against Russia, where the ultra-liberal capitalist has worked closely with European and Islamist fascists. But would it suffice to oust Merkel? Can Soros impose a German government that is sheepishly complacent with Anglosaxon bourgeoisie's policies? What do they gain if the EU collapses? Wouldn't such a chaotic situation push many European states into the arms of Russia or into outright independent socialism?

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