Thursday, January 28, 2016

Curfew imposed on Northern Kurdistan capital of Diyarbakir

Several districts of the effective capital of Northern Kurdistan, Diyarbakir (known as Amed to Kurds), have been put under total curfew by the occupant power, Turkey. People has been forced to leave the area, while those who remain can't go out even to recover the bodies of their dead children.

The situation of North Kurdistan is everyday more similar to that of Palestine: discrimination and genocide under massive military occupation.

Turkey: hands off Kurdistan now!

In related news, several Basque, Valencian and Castilian internationalists, as well as Kurdish exile, were arrested yesterday by Spanish police under the accusation of trying to join Kurdish forces fighting for democracy and socialism. Spain, as usual, joins forces with Turkey and the Islamists against the will of the peoples.

Update (Jan 30): Grand Inquisitor¹ Eloy Velasco has declared the small party Refundación Comunista (Communist Refoundation) illegal for the next year for allegedly aiding the PKK, forcibly closing their sees in Madrid and Valencia. Most of the arrested have been set free but two, including the Kurdish one, have been sent to prison, a bail of 10,000 and 6000 euros respectively are demanded.

¹ Naturally I mean judge of the political tribunal Audiencia Nacional, infamous for all kind of political persecutions and also for aiding the impunity of politicians.


  1. Why other powerful countries are silent? Is Turkey that powerful? or is it that no one cares much about those poor Kurdish people!!! this is unthinkable, a great shame for humanity .

    1. In my understanding Turkey works within NATO, which is a de facto Empire (although rather than just NATO, I'd use the term "NATO-plus" or "Washingtonian Empire" in order to include Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Thailand, Colombia, Israel, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, etc.) Of course there may be now and then internal frictions and these do indeed happen but overall it is concerted. So it's not that Turkey (or Israel or Saudi Arabia) is "so powerful", rather it is that they perform a key role, consolidated historically in this Empire and act as the paws and pawns of it in the region.

      Nobody who really matters in the West will blink for the murder of a bunch of Kurds, just as they do not for Palestinians or Ukranians. Common people like myself will get upset, of course, but that's why the media silences these issues. How much do they talk about Kurdistan massacres? Almost nothing. About the alleged evilness of El Assad or Putin or even Venezuela's Maduro? All day long. That's because the media and all resorts of power (corporations, most political parties) are in the hands of a powerful minority: the grand bourgeoisie, the 1%, call them what you will, who have clearly vested interests and effective consensuses, probably even organized plans, on how to manage the Empire for their interests, which are primarily monetary but that translates directly into effective power, particularly via the mass media and direct economic blackmail and rewards.

      Of course mass media are not what they used to be, its power has shrunk dramatically with the advent of the Internet, but they still manage to hold key influence, especially among the older generations and those who use the Internet only for work and entertainment.

      In this case, the struggle of the Kurds in Turkey, plays in the hands of Russia, much as the struggle of Donbass republics, even if they are not particularly inclined towards Moscow themselves nor vice-versa (the PKK is communist, Putin is capitalist, the PKK is anti-centralist and anti-authoritarian, Putin is centralist and authoritarian to the extreme), so NATO-plus has all the interest in crushing them and silencing them, just as happens in Yemen (in this case the rebels are more Iran-leaning than anything else), etc.

      It's Cold War II, we like it or not. However while Cold War I implied strong global class contradictions, much like WW II because of the existence of socialist players, Cold War II is purely an inter-capitalist conflict resembling rather WW I. So in a sense we are back to the kind of conflicts that preceded the Bolshevik Revolution but, of course, everything has changed in the meantime.


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