Friday, June 19, 2015

Saudi Arabia secrets exposed

I committed the funny mistake of reading the RT header of these revelations right after reading the last page of Curvy (great "adult" comic!) and in my mind it first resonated as "erotic and seductive dictatorship", instead of "erratic and secretive dictatorship", go figure! 

Subliminal self-inflicted jokes apart, Saudi Arabia is a most serious matter. The (oligarch-controlled) media take a lot of time attacking North Korea (a real dictatorship), Russia (not worse than most Western states) or Venezuela (one of the most democratic states on Earth) but they invariably ignore Saudi Arabia, Israel and other terrorist tyrannies just because they are allied with the US Empire. 

A Yemeni hacker group (Yemeni Cyber Army) has managed to obtain a long list of secret documents from the most secretive and totalitarian state on Earth. So far they are only available in Arabic, so I cannot comment (as I barely know a few words in this language) but I am sure that Arabic-speakers, of which there are billions, will be most interested in reading and exposing the secret deals of the original Islamist Fascist regime, to which all other Islamists are nothing but imitators. 

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