Thursday, March 20, 2014

Almost certainly the lost Malaysian flight is in Diego García (US base)

Some days ago I speculated, based on the very fragmentary data available and my limited ability to understand some of it, that the missing Malaysian Flight 370 could be in île Amsterdam.

Even if I was cautious in my wording, I was surely wrong in my tentative conclusion. I misunderstood the satellite ping data to mean a more precise location than it actually was, confused by journalist wording, i.e. "1000 miles west of Perth". That is actually just the range of where the satellite could have picked the signal from, which includes most of the Indian Ocean, large parts of Asia and theoretically even Africa, as can be seen in this map by The Washington Post.

But now more information (→ Daily Mail) has arisen that clearly points to the main alternative suspected destination: Diego García, a US military base in British colonial territory, whose inhabitants were forcibly evicted in 1971.

Notably Maldivian witnesses have reported a plane that fits the description and the timing flying south at very low altitude, something that shocked them being such a large craft.

Also the last reported radar data and Malaysian witnesses accounts point to the airplane having crossed Peninsular Malaysia back into the Malacca Strait and Bay of Bengal.

Finally the home computer of the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, had deleted files of training for landing in Diego García, as well as Indian and Maldivian airports, all them with enough length for such a heavy craft to make safe landing.

So everything points to the pilot having planned in advance to kidnap that craft and bring it to Diego García, training also for alternative landing places in other airports of the region, maybe in prevision of complications if the flight could not reach its destination.

This is my best reconstruction of the route taken by the airplane:

click to expand

Why didn't the pilot fly in straight line to Diego García? I can only guess that without land support he could only rely on visual and radar clues from landforms, otherwise risking to get lost in the vastness Indian Ocean.

Why did he fly to Diego García? I can fathom two theories: one is that he was collaborating with the US military apparatus to do precisely that, the other that he meant to attack the military base with some sort of biological agent that was carried in the plane. However if this is the case, why didn't the US military shot the plane down? Or did they?

The main reason to think that a biological agent of some sort is involved is that it has been reported in some media that the plane landing was quickly followed by flight in of a number of top medical staff from both the USA and China. 

According to that report, Flight 307 carried some sort of biological weapon delivered originally by US military via Seychelles, with the involvement of the private mercenary agency The Trident Group (made up of former Navy Seals). That biological weapon was intended for China but Beijing got notice so they decided to divert the plane to Hainan island in the south of the country.

According to this theory it was then when the Pentagon chose to divert the flight to a safe place: the military-only atoll of Diego García. 

However this does not explain why the pilot had trained to land in that island. Maybe it is a false lead, potentially thrown around to prepare public opinion for the "discovery" of the missing plane in the island or maybe he actually did and the biological cargo story is the false lead. 

Or whatever else. Honestly I do not know what to think at this point. 

But what seems clear is that the missing flight headed to Diego García and that some convoluted spy story is behind, maybe even a would-be biological attack against a major superpower, what is as akin to open war as I can think of. 

Not that this is of any help to the passengers and their relatives and friends, of course. Because they still await release and knowledge respectively.


  1. According to you the US has to do with almost everything that is evil on Earth, right?

    So: your hypothesis is that that the USA is carrying weapons to Diego García for...what?

    Otherwise, it's some kind of guy who is attacking US interests, which is quite the opposite?

    And everything is a cover up of some US trick? Do you think everything that happens on Earth and that might be bad but not yet understood is some kind of CIA/Mossad conspiracy? (OK, sometimes it's the Bilderberg Group or the Casa de los Borbones).

    One could be more cautious. Have you tried to go over your previous predictions about terrorist attacks and the like and do the maths about your precision? Yes, including that one of Boston?

    I admit I ignore so many things.

    1. What are you doing here instead of murdering people in Venezuela?

      Have you even read the text and sources? If all you are going to do is to throw some shit around, you better need to go to some fascist forum where they cheer your creepy and manipulative sense of humor, Mr. NSA.

    2. Hi, Maju. No, I don't murder people. I am not ETA or the military or another extremist group. So it is good you were cautious and that's why one of your theories is
      " one is that he was collaborating with the US military apparatus to do precisely that, "
      Do you think that is cautious? I am, let's say, a little bit surprised.

    3. You are at the very least a very strong sympathizer of the fascist groups that have arisen in Venezuela and who have murdered a lot of people, some just going to their homes, others trying to clean up the barricades, others trying to impose the legal and democratic order (several policemen have been murdered too) and others for no obvious reason, maybe to create confusion, as was the case of your ally Miss Carabobo, shot in the back by the very fascists you support.

      Your unconditional support of the Western Capitalist Empire (USA, NATO, etc.) also implies that you support the Nazis who have taken control of Ukraine in a coup. The first time that happens in Europe in a long time. Like your mentors, I can only imagine that you will talk of "democracy" while turning a blind eye to their murderous extremism (they even shot their own civilian allies to create a pretext) and their dictatorial appointment by Washington.

      I am not really interested in all the trash you throw around, nor I believe my readers are either.

      "Do you think that is cautious?"

      It is: one of two possibilities that could make some sense, more so on light of the information reported by other media, which would imply: (1) a biological threat or attack plan, (2) diversion intent of the plane to Hainan by China, (3) last minute change of route to such a remote place as DG.

      IF that is true, then it makes all sense.

      But you are manipulating what I say in any case, by selectively picking an isolate sentence without its context.

      "I am, let's say, a little bit surprised."

      We all are. If the US biological attack against China would be confirmed, then it is a major attack, a true casus belli, and yet another act of aggression in the last spat of US imperialist intervention: Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela... and Beijing too?

      Whatever the case, the missing plane affair is most puzzling and right now everything points (lots of evidence!) to Diego García as the most likely final destination. What's the destiny of the 250 passengers? Why did all this happen?

      I'm trying to give some tentative answers, as I think of my duty as blogger, i.e. research journalist.

    4. Well, your accussations, taken from the Venezuelan military and Maduro himself, are preposterous. I don't know if you remember but I told you my family is from there. And they were actually there. And there is a lot of video footage on the Internet about the thing. It is just incredibly stupid that you even consider for a moment the shot from behind is an argument without knowing anything else. She was RUNNING, FUCKING RUNNING away from the colectivos who were shooting from the West of the Avenida Cedeno to the East. She was running. There are videos where you can see how the whole thing proceeded. There were a lot of thousands on that avenue, the colectivos came from the Southwest and started shooting. The cops under the command of the former military coupster Ameliach proceeded to go away and let the colectivos shoot at the people. People started to run and that girl, close to where lots of my friends and relatives were, was shot from a shot coming from that direction. And of course the shot came from behind!
      There has been a lot of stupid things committed by both parties but the fact the head of government and the military minister of interior use this as proof it was the opposition is just disgusting and it shows how little concern they have for an independent enquiry.
      On the other side, it seems you don't realise we proved with a lot of videos that the 3 murders in Caracas on 12 February for which López is in jail
      were committed by a bodyguard of the minister of Interior. The guy was shown clearly. People could see how he was shooting at both the students and the colectivo Maverik - yes, a guy who was against us but had started to criticise Madurismo -. The national cops were next to the bodyguard shooting at people and did nothing. Now the guy and another of the SEBIN men shooting at people have disappeared from the map...and Maduro and Rodríguez Torres are saying nothing.
      On another matter: Maduro's political nephew is the Secretary of the Republic's Treasury. Half of his or his wife's family are in similar jobs.

      How could the US try to carry out a biological attack and then move the plane somewhere else?

    5. What a hypocrite! Those who were with her declared that she was shot by "friendly fire". What you and your ilk are doing in Venezuela is high treason and IMO you should all be sent to prison for it. Maduro is way too soft, would it be in my hands, I would have already rounded all the fascists and nationalized all their media and companies, set Fedecamaras on fire and established a true socialist system and not that halfway socialdemocracy.

      You scum! The shame of the land of Bolívar! Sold completely to the capitalist masters for a bunch of dollars.

      "How could the US try to carry out a biological attack and then move the plane somewhere else?"

      Have you even followed the source link or read what I wrote? The theory says that China found out about the biological threat and was going to divert the plane to Hainan in order to search the plane and possibly quarantine it, what was informed to the GRU (the Pentagon) by their spies, so they decided to divert the plane to DG, where they could control the situation.

      Regardless of whether this theory is true or wrong, what is clear is that neutral witnesses from Maldives saw a plane fitting the description flying extremely low towards DG. It is also a fact that the pilot had trained to land in DG, along with other South Asian airports of similar characteristics (these probably as backup, I guess). It is also a fact that the plane flew back, after disabling transponder and ACARS, at low altitude over Northern Malaysia to the Bay of Bengal and that DG is in within the area of the last satellite received ping from it (although this last is not too informative on its own because the possible area is huge).

      I'm not here to waste my time because you are too lazy to read. Warned.


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