Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will fascist terrorist Breivik get away with the pretext of 'insanity'?

He does not hear voices, he can discern reality well enough to plant a bomb in the center of Oslo without being detected and to murder scores of defenseless Norwegian teenagers... but he is 'delusional' (i.e. he has the kind of pitiful megalomaniac thoughts that are shared by all fascists). 

According to BBC:

The two psychiatrists, in their report, concluded that he lived in his "own delusional universe where all his thoughts and acts are guided by his delusions".

So? Hitler also lived in his own delusional universe and was guided by his delusions of a superior race and what not? He would not have been spared the execution platoon if caught alive. 

What is truly delusional is to think that just because the guy is a fascist who lives in a fictitious universe of megalomaniac ethnocentric ideals, he is insane and can get away with mass murder. 

He obviously has way too many accomplices within the system. But meh, I guess I am also delusional for claiming that - do you think I'd get away with mass murder if I went on rampage at the stock market or even at a fascist convention? I don't think so.

I understand that the main reason why they want us to believe that he is insane is to hide the actual fascist network, intimately related with NATO's Gladio secret police network and the Zionist International, and to some extent distinct from classical Nazi networks. Let us recall that one of the main points of Breivik's manifesto is his "crusader" sympathy for Zionism and his focus on Islamophobia, a quite tolerated form of xenophobia, and hatred of what he calls cultural Marxism (i.e. all kind of secularism and liberal post-Christian ideas, never mind socialist ones), to what he opposes cultural conservatism (i.e. Judeo-Christian fundamentalism).


  1. WOW, you are incredibly ignorant and have no idea what you are talking about. Why would you do that?

    "islamaphobia" (a stupid made up word) is not 'quite tolerated' and not even close in Europe. People get ARRESTED if they even just complain about mass islamic immigration, or say things like 'I don't like islam because of the way women are treated' (and yes, that is an actual statement made by a man in a private conversation that someone else secretly recorded & then gave to the police & he was arrested & 'fined') In the meantime, in Sweden, Swedish indigenous women are called whores, christian whores, white whores, dogs, etc. etc. and there is no law against that.

    People in Europe are not afraid of muslims. They are sick of being beaten, raped, robbed & killed. They are tired of having their children beaten up at school for eating salami or having the PUBLIC schools enforce Halal meals, telling nonmuslim kids if they don't like it they have the choice to eat a salad or 'to not eat'.

    We can no longer say God Jul at school, and have islamic immigrants call our St Lucia procession 'only for white KKK and that's what I see when I see those white robes' which are nothing more than choir robes and an annual celebration of a beloved Swedish saint, now reduced to being called 'something like the KKK' because we are white.

    This Breivik was sentenced as a 'non insane' person, but was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia.

    There is NO evidence, WHAT-so-ever that he had ANY outside help or network of anything. NONE, nothing, not one phone call, piece of mail, email - NOTHING.

    FYI - anti-semitism is the most 'tolerated' form of 'xenophobia' in NORWAY. Another reason why Breivik probably sympathized with Jews - that and the fact that every islamic country on earth wants them to all die. I guess you figure THAT is acceptable and not fascist at all, right?

    Do you even understand the definition of fascism? It has nothing to do with being white or hating non whites. (I will not say minorities, because whites are only 10% of the planet's population) Fascism is having an ideology and using violence to enforce it. PERIOD. Islam ideology is as complete a form of fascism as Nazism, and considering Hitler had MANY ISLAMIC nazi troops and SS troops in his entourage, I can't believe you are still drumming the beat of ignorance and claiming European whites are fascist for being sick of FASCIST islam destroying our lands.

    You need to learn to read something more than whatever biased, slanted, totally false information source you are using.

    1. You made my day: that someone who goes around with the nick "bunbunforlife" (and who I imagine as a hairy sadistic policeman, emphasis in "man", for that reason alone) calls me "ignorant" made my day.

      I live in Europe, mind you, and nobody gets arrested for anything unless you are extreme left activist (depends) or immigrant or member of a minority like the Roma (that does not depend at all).

      If you read this blog (that you obviously do not - and you probably just arrived here looking for references to your beloved mass murderer Breivik), you'd know that I am not the least complacent with Islam, much less islamism, but I'm not complacent either with Christian or Jewish (or any other cult's) doctrines, irrationality, much less their political fundamentalism.

      You talk about claims of Muslims (vague term) doing this or that to women. Some may be justified in some very very particular cases but, seriously, I live by a mosque and this street is full of Muslims and even if they are indeed peculiar they are almost invariably respectful and people you can get along with.

      You talk about forcing society to PRAY at school! I don't want my children to be forced to pray or to be educated in any religion. Religion is a scam!

      You talk about the rights of women but here in Spain we have now a Christian government (they call themselves "Christian-Democrats" but they are just Christian Fascists), who is making abortion almost impossible, who is cutting in social services while keeping the brutal subsidies to Catholic schools and the Catholic Church. Here in my town, the mayor, another Christian "Democrat" decrees all kind of ad-hoc norms to impede Muslims from opening their humble lounge mosques, while the Catholics (a minority for sure nowadays - most of us are agnostic to atheist) are allowed to toll their nasty bells, to keep the public monuments built by the people through the centuries, to take the streets with their macabre processions in Easter. But then the Carnival parade is banned and the occupied social centers are attacked.


    2. "Breivik was sentenced as a 'non insane' person, but was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia".

      That may well be because they want him out in the streets in a few years to lead the pan-European new fascism to come (probably). And also because he is obviously not delusional in the sense that he was supported by very powerful people - but the Norwegian state and NATO want to pretend that it was not the case. Would he be declared insane, he would have been kept heavily drugged in a psychiatric institution for life - but with the Norwegian penal code he just got what: 20 years?! People here get that for picking their nose!

      "Do you even understand the definition of fascism?"

      Yes: Roman Empire and versions of it, like Catholicism (or Chinese Empire in China, whatever). There's no "standard" definition of fascism but in general, in modern times, we are talking of a totalitarian regime in support of Capitalism (or whatever other oligarchy) against the Working Class (or whatever other worker masses). Emphasis in stupid military paraphernalia, imagery of the kind of Napoleon, Caesar and Trajan the pederast, ethnocentrism of some sort (in Breivik's case Judeo-Christian European), military parades and bishops for the gallery and boots smashing hands, heads and genitals in the dungeons.

      Something that hopefully is incompatible with the Internet because it requires of vertical indoctrination and not too much horizontal communication.

      "It has nothing to do with being white or hating non whites".

      Hmmm... it does have something to do. My grandma was a Spanish Fascist (not Nazi) and she shivered of just imagining a black person shaking her hand amicably. She did not "hate" blacks but she was full of stupid prejudices against them. On the other hand my grandpa (an Italian Fascist with ideas as clear as any fascist can have) argued that races were a human invention and that only ethnicities existed.

      But then Nazism, like Klannism in the USA, etc. is a different variant of fascism. I attribute that to cultural differences between the assimilative Roman fascism and the, often hysterically racist, similar Germanic right-wing nationalisms. Islam is more in line with Roman fascism, very especially the Catholic version, but Arabic-Persian in its ethnic roots.

      "Islam ideology is as complete a form of fascism as Nazism"...

      Indeed, and so are Christianity and Judaism. The details vary but the idea of submitting everyone to a pre-determined scheme of things, a dogma, a doctrine, a nonsense... is the same.

      We made revolutions against Christian fascism and we have advanced a lot but not enough. We have been in the last decades in a reactionary cycle and things are getting very bad for all. Still it is evident that the revolutionary impetus is not exhausted and it may well be the case that the Thatcher-Woijtila-Khomeini reactionary cycle is about to end under its own excesses.

      But we will have to make it true. Not you of course. You are obviously one of them: a devil from hell claiming to be a saint.


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