Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hungary gets new fascist constitution

The new constitution was approved single-handedly by the conservative party Fidesz (once a liberal party which did not allow anyone older than 30 in its ranks), which enjoys a 2/3 majority in the country's parliament, enough to radically change the first law of the republic.

The new constitution seems redacted in the darkest dungeons of the Vatican, with continuous references to something they call "God", that cult of child abusers known as Christianity, the long vanished Crown of Hungary and traditional family. 

As you can gather from such fascist preliminary rantings, it goes on to absolutely forbid abortion and to restrict marriage and adoption to heterosexual couples.

In addition to this abhorrent sectarian and ultra-patriarchal first law, the old boys of Fidesz are also planning to fundamentally alter how normal democracy works by giving extra votes to mothers, according their number of children. This is so weird and, admittedly, original that I'm not even to comment on it. Just to say that it'd be a lot better if they would guarantee housing and a basic living to all mothers.

This new constitution will come to effect in January 1st 2012 and has caused many protests already. In my understanding it is the kind of constitution that should guarantee that Hungary's membership in the EU would be at least put on hold, as happened with Austria when it was under Neonazi rule. It has indeed raised eyebrows in Brussels but it is not clear, much less with so many Tory governments all around EU, that measures will be taken. 

Last year, a  highly restrictive law on free expression was rejected by Brussels because it fell short of EU standards (however notice how Berlusconi is still not ostracized). Thereafter the Orban cabinet made cosmetic changes but that was it. 

Nazi militias terrorize Hungary
Further to the right the Jobbik Neonazi is doing the dirty work for Fidesz, deploying terrorist militias all through the country and attacking minorities like Roma and immigrants. Worst is that local and state authorities collaborate with them. 

In general, all this underlines the fascist evolution of Hungary, a EU member state which should be at least put in quarantine and probably even kicked out altogether from the confederation. 


  1. You should stop writing non-sense bullshit. Especially before you have actually been to Hungary and saw things yourself. Why is a country and its constitution fascist if it promotes old traditional values such as heterosexual marriage and considers Christian church as its primary religious institution? I could claim the same about your Zionist Israel and your insane religion. Why is Judaism the primary religion in Israel and why is marriage between Jews promoted by your segregating racist constitution? How can a country be considered fascist where there exists one of the largest Jewish population of the world? How can a country such as Hungary be fascist if it allows (unfortunately) Israeli politicians to represent its nation and bring legislations forth which are completely against its public will. (e.g.: Sukoró casino city) How dare you make comments on Hungary when your holly country is currently committing a genocide and violating basic human rights on a daily basis.(Palestine) So keep you non-sense bullshit to yourself and stop promoting your Zionist bullshit and poisoning the brain of decent ordinary people.

  2. "Why is a country and its constitution fascist if it promotes old traditional values such as heterosexual marriage and considers Christian church as its primary religious institution?"

    For the same reason that Iran under the ayatollahs is fascist and Spain under Franco was. Exactly those same reasons.

    Let's not forget that fascism has deep Christian and specially Catholic roots: all in fascism is taken from the organization of the Catholic Church, including terms like "propaganda", which comes from the Latin "propaganda fide" (propagation of faith) but has come to mean a unilateral attempt of brainwashing the masses by means of tendentious info, lies and half truths.

    "I could claim the same about your Zionist Israel and your insane religion".

    "Theirs" (I'm Pantheist secularist and Basque, not Judaist nor Hebrew) but agreed. Zionist Israel is not just Fascist but actually full fledged Nazi, as it is based in racist genocide of the other in other to make the favored group rule an succeed.

    Italian and copycat versions of Fascism were brutally totalitarian but ethnically assimilationist, only German Nazism was so extremely racist and genocidal. This probably has to do with different cultural origins: Latin nationalism is assimilationist, Germanic one has since Westphalia promoted racism as means of segregation for exploitation.

    "stop promoting your Zionist bullshit"...


    You definitively have not read this blog. XD

    First time ever I am accused of "Zionism". And lo... we are discussing Hungary! XD


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