Sunday, July 6, 2014

San Fermin: police state fails again

The internationally famous fiestas of Iruñea-Pamplona are back and, yet another year, the Neo-Fascist  government has attempted by all means to impede that the Basque National claim be present in the inaugural txupin (rocket launching cum discourse).

Police patrolled the roofs and tightly controlled the accesses to the City Hall Plaza, the turn of Basque Nationalist Left coalition EH Bildu to cast the inaugural discourse was arbitrarily skipped in favor of the Red Cross (reactionary lapdog charity). They did all they could to keep the cry of the Basques out of the Plaza... but to no avail:

 Neither Madrid, nor Barcina, nor Felipe... 
                   Navarre decides!                         

Sources: Berria (article, photo gallery), Naiz Info (article 1, article 2, photo gallery). Photos by Argazki Press.

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