Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kiev attacks Malaysian experts attempting to reach the air catastrophe in East Ukraine

Aircraft from the Kiev Fascist Junta shot Malaysian experts[es] attempting to reach the spot where the airplane fell days ago after, almost certainly, being shot down by the Ukrainian Air Force in some twisted plot for a false-flag attack (as it has become just way too usual in the last decades).

The Malaysian experts had to flee back to Donetsk where the authorities of the People's Republic gave them the two black boxes of the downed airplane (picture right).

Kiev has rejected to comply with the OSCE and UN demanded cease fire and humanitarian corridor to investigate the downing of the civilian airplane. Russia has demanded that "the West" forces Ukraine to comply with the ceasefire.

Russia has also posed a list of 10 questions to Kiev and Washington to be explained regarding the catastrophe of MH17:
  1. Why did the MH17 plane leave the international corridor?
  2. Was MH17 leaving the route a navigation mistake or was the crew following instructions by Ukrainian air traffic controllers in Dnepropetrovsk?
  3. Why was a large group of air defense systems deployed to the militia-held area if the self-defense forces have no planes?
  4. Why did Kiev deploy BUK missile systems on the edge of militia-controlled zones directly before the tragedy?
  5. On the day of the crash Kiev intensified Kupol-M1 9S18 radar activity, key BUK system components. Why?
  6. What was a military plane doing on the route intended for civilian flights?
  7. Why was the military jet flying at so close to a passenger plane?
  8. Where did the launcher – from the video circulated by Western media and showing a Buk system being moved allegedly from Ukraine to Russia – come from? As the video was made on the territory controlled by Kiev, where was the launcher being transported?
  9. Where is it right now? Why are some of the missiles missing on the launcher? When was the last time a missile was launched from it?
  10. Why haven’t US officials revealed the evidence supporting claims that the MH17 was shot down by a missile launched by the militia?
See also this throughout analysis at Global Research.

Comparison of routed flight and actual flight.

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