Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Internationalists form "human shield" to Zionist attacks against Gaza Hospital

The genocide in Gaza continues by the mad hand of the Zionazis. They know no shame nor fear any punishment, knowing that the US Empire backs them unconditionally. They have repeatedly threatened and actually attacked, injuring two, the Al-Wafa Hospital (pictured), forcing the direction of the hospital to evacuate all those who could leave the hospital and move to the lower floors those who could not. 

It is not the only medical facility attacked by the Zionazi forces, who have already murdered several patients in other similar buildings. 

But the Zionazi genocidal bullying has not remained unchallenged: eight brave international activists have occupied the vacated top floors of the hospital in a near-suicidal attempt to force the hand of the Zionist colonists. The so-called Israeli Self-Defense Forces (ah, the cruel sarcasm of the gratuitous adjectives!) know that they are staying there and they hold Israel sole responsible of their lives, which they offer to save the humanitarian facility. 

The eight nonviolent activists are from all over the World
Source: Kaos en la Red[es].

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