Sunday, July 13, 2014

Massive peodiphilia scandal shatters British political class

Westminster palace
Insistent rumors happened to be true. At least 40 British politicians, very possibly more, are implicated in recurrent children abuse. Too many and too powerful to be investigated, until now?

The criminal scandal goes back to at least the 1980s but cover-up and missing dossiers delayed the investigation three decades. The criminals belong to all three major political parties: Tory, Labour and Liberals, what underlines that the persistent rumors about pedophile rings being widespread among the power elites, not just politicians, are very much real.

Why would politicians risk their careers for a sexual abuse caprice? A growing suspicion is that children abuse has been a key part of power elites' networking for way too long. The details are obscure but it seems to me that it is the same kind of "sub-clinical psychopath" who is drawn to power-climbing and other forms of bullying, of which child abuse is just one of the most extreme of them. 

Bullies draw their sick emotional satisfaction from inflicting damage to others with impunity (they do fear punishment and that's why they are "sub-clinical"). The most sophisticated of bullies is the Machiavellian, for which power becomes both means for their sick hobby of inflicting pain to others and an end in itself. Not every bully becomes a Machiavellian but every Machiavellian is a bully.

Machiavellians are obsessed with the value of authority (hierarchical obedience) but also with those of purity and ingroup loyalty. However those not belonging to their group (their power network, ethnic or religious group, etc.) are irrelevant for them, unlike what happens with normal healthy people. 

It is interesting that they are obsessed with purity, because what represents purity better than a child? Maybe it is their psychological (and psychopathic) mindset what draws them to pedophilia in such large numbers?

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