Friday, July 18, 2014

Amsterdam flight shot down by Ukraine's Junta

While the Junta is, as usual, trying to blame the democratically seceded Novorossiya Federation, just as they did when they bombed the Russian village of Donetsk days ago, the fact is that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had just deployed anti-aircraft batteries in the area where the plane was shot down. 

The Novorossiya militias just don't have that sort of anti-aircraft capabilities but only the simpler kind that reaches to 3-4 Km, totally unable to hit the airplane at cruise height.

Twitter reports by airport controllers also tell that the airplane was being "escorted" by two Ukraine's fighter jets just before it was shot down.

The Malaysian Airlines Boeing-777 covering the route Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur was shot down yesterday killing 298 people, mostly European tourists en route to Malaysia. Some 150 of the victims are Dutch.

Airlines have rerouted all commercial flights in order to avoid Ukraine's airspace.

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