Friday, July 18, 2014

Novorossiya reports suggest widespread defeat of Ukrainian Army

While the report is authored by the Lugansk People's Republic Militia, what implies an unhidden bias, I find it quite interesting that they are able to report so many details on Ukraine's military defeats, desertions and disorganization.

They report:
  • Sustained loses on a failed Ukrainian offensive
  • Liberation of Marinovka
  • Several military jets' being hit
  • Three "Uki" brigades fleeing in panick
  • Many desertions, even among Nazi death squads' ranks: On the hottest parts of the front, Ukies have been observed throwing away their weapons, taking off their military markings, with some even removing their uniforms and changing into civilian clothes, and running toward the Russian border. Those who have no civilian clothes with them run with peeled-off epaulets. Some, and, in particular, members of the punitive battalions and Praviy Sector militants, have been seen stripping to their underwear.

It seems quite apparent that, while the Kiev Junta may have the theoretical means, in the field of morale and actual effective fighting, it is the Popular Republics who are doing a lot better.


  1. "Several military jets' being hit"

    Unfortunate that one of them turned out to be a civilian jet.

    1. Nope: the People's Militia has not the capacities to shoot down a plane flying in commercial routes. They could not do it even by chance. It was shot down by the Ukrainian Army, as I discuss in another recent entry.


      Don't believe the Empire's propaganda blindly, please.

    2. The People's Militia had been posting to twitter pictures of the anti-aircraft battery they had capture from the Ukrainian military. Strelkov isn't even denying that he shot down the plain now - his excuse is that it was full of already dead bodies. :/

    3. Article on it that I find credible:

      The claim that they did not have the capability to shoot down a passenger jet doesn't pass the smell test. Remember when the Ukraine claimed that Russia had shot down one of their transport aircraft? And how the People's Militia refuted that and said they shot it down with a Buk missile?

      They have a ceiling of 14,000 meters and at Mach 2.5. They were built to shoot B-52s out of the sky. Of course they can shoot a passenger aircraft down.

      Either the militias are capable of shooting down a 777 or it was Russia that was shooting down the Ukrainian aircraft.

      It's pretty easy to understand how it happened too. The 777 would be flying a little bit higher and a little bit faster than an An-26. A 777 is also a bigger plane. It would be very hard without any equipment to distinguish between a close by An-26 and a farther away 777 from the ground.

      I realize that you support their cause. I'm not entirely unsympathetic either. That doesn't change the fact that they almost certainly shot down a civilian aircraft completely by accident.

      They did it because while they had the equipment to shoot down an airplane, but not the equipment to positively identify the aircraft. It's tragic. It happened.

    4. Following your link I reached to this, which reports General Strelkov of the Donbass People's Army claiming the authorship. However it does not directly reflects any Novorossiya direct source but just a Kiev newspaper (and there is no free media in Nazi Urkaine, we know that for a fact).

      So until I see it confirmed from Donetsk I won't believe it. Kiev is always putting the blame on others and enjoys such a huge media support in The Empire that is difficult to discern truth from outright lie.

      In any case it is not the same plane hit on Wednesday, first of all because of the date and also because the other plane is clear identified as a "SU-something" jet, shot near Lugansk, not Donetsk.

  2. What I'm reading right now is: (in Spanish)

    It mentions a shooting down of an Ukrainian military airplane (SU-25) recently by the Militia and also that Kiev tried to blame Russia for it.

    Early twitters narrating witnesses accounts clearly blame Ukrainian fighters (not land-air missiles). The attacking fighter was then shot down by the Militia, falling near Krasy Luch.

    Incidentally the Ukrainian airspace, at least in the East was already closed, so what was doing the Malaysian plane there? Early reports that saw it escorted by two Ukrainian jets suggest that it may have been forced there by Kiev (with US and NATO blessings) to create an incident, to be labeled as "terrorist attack".

    Particularly interesting are the air controllers' tweets, who know better than most what happened: they blame Kiev.

    Russia Today also casts doubt about the Kiev version, the Kremlin demands a probe.


    To me it smells very rotten, another false-flag attack, which can only succeed for how much the mass media is totally acritical of what the seats of power say. Why to censor the media when you can just buy them all?

  3. Even Merkel (!!!) remained cautious:

    → (live updates)

  4. More analyses from Global Research:

    Ukraine's General Prosecutor denies that the Militia could have Buk missiles:


    Notice that Webguerrillero mentioned yesterday night that they had serious doubts about the authenticity of "Carlos" as Ukrainian air controller. His tweet account has been suppressed (by Twitter) and it seems apparent that Ukrainian air controllers are all of that nationality. However I do wonder if "Carlos" is actually an Ukrainian with close ties to the Spanish speaking world, for example a former "Chernobyl kid" of the kind who have been coming here for vacations since 30 years ago in order to improve their physical and mental health. Those Ukrainians should speak Spanish and maybe Basque or Catalan fluently. His testimony looks credible to me because it's full of details that are hard to know if you are not an Ukrainian air controller. He never seems to have claimed to be "Spanish".

    1. PS- If I recall correctly this "Carlos" guy was also very active informing about the Crimea crisis months ago.


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