Saturday, July 12, 2014

Genocide in Gaza (again)

Not feeling like writing much these days but there are crimes before which one just cannot remain silent and feel alright. And these days this is the brutal bombing of Gaza Ghetto, where 1.7 million refugees from other parts of Palestine barely survive under perpetual siege, by the Zionist colony with all the blessings or at the very least complicit silence by its Western Imperial protector. 

Gernika 1937, Gaza 2014 (WG)

Victims of Zionist latest genocidal campaign (LINyM)

As of now at least 121 human beings have been brutally murdered by the overpowered Zionist air force, injured people are probably well above the thousand. They just go, drop cluster bombs and kill people while from the nearby hills settlers celebrate in the maddest genocidal campaign one can imagine.

Funeral of a child murdered by Zionism (WG)
Meanwhile in Jerusalem the Nazi Zionist settler gangs are attacking every single Arab or Jewish Leftist they can find (→ video). 

The brutality of bombings on civilian areas is scary (WG)

Whole families have been exterminated (WG)
Injured children of the Jewish Supremacist massacre (WG)

As this cartoon denounces there is absolutely no possible justification for this criminal violence against a whole population (unless you think like Hitler, that is):

It reads (from left to right, top to bottom):
  • FAMILY or "affective entourage" of Hamas
  • FRIEND or "solidary entourage" of Hamas
  • NEIGHBOR or "physical entourage" of Hamas
  • ARBITRARY VICTIM or "human shield" of Hamas
  • KID or "potential member" of Hamas
  • The Zionazi soldier then says: "Civilian victims?, what civilian victims?"
Or this one:

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