Monday, March 6, 2017

North Korean slaves in Poland

Poland is the shithole of Europe in way too many aspects but here there is one that was not exposed yet: for decades and still today Poland uses North Korean slave labor while everybody, in Warsaw as in Brussels pretends not to know.

I recall that when our unionized shipyard was closed by the occupant regime of Spain, under guidance of NATO-EU back in the 80s, it was said that it could not compete with Polish and Korean shipyards. It was obvious the barely camouflaged intent of subsidizing Walesa's yellow Christian-Fundamentalist "union" as part of the Reaganist plot against the Soviet bloc but I never really got the "Korean" part, after all South Korean unions were as hardy as ours, if not even more combatant.

Now I understand: what they had in mind all the time was not South Korea but North Korean slave labor in Poland.

Today, with the Communist Party forbidden and with Poland totally becoming an ultra-capitalist Fascist regime, the situation remains the same. Where are those "unions" defending the rights of North Korean workers? Nowhere: they were always a fake, a sockpuppet of the worst and most criminal Capitalism the World has known in many many decades!

Shame on you: Europe!


  1. With some of those eastern EU members one is reminded of the infamous stay-behind networks in the Cold War era, where even the most unsavoury figures where deemed good enough as long as they could prove useful against the Soviets. I suspect that the rollback doctrine and the eastern expansionism of the EU will come back to roost very soon.

    1. Absolutely, the Gladio network was never really dismantled anywhere, and only partly investigated in Italy and Belgium. In Spain for instance the investigation was cut right away by firing the journalist who was into it and also the director of the magazine who rejected to cooperate with such outrageous attack against investigative journalism. Even more recently I know of a public library worker who was fired for "using her work time" to investigate this issue and blog about it.

      The Gladio network is the secret backbone of NATO and Poland is the battering ram of NATO against Russia.

      "I suspect that the rollback doctrine and the eastern expansionism of the EU will come back to roost very soon."

      Actually it's already been, for decades, part of the problem. Eastern Europe's states outside the Eurozone "enjoy privileges" (inflationary policies) that other Europeans do not have, so they have become the cheap labor manufacturers of the EU, "the Mexico of the EU". One can perfectly say that the crisis in Spain is because of Poland, or that the crisis in Greece is because of Romania. But for NATO anti-Russian policies this unequal (supposedly "provisional" but in fact permanent) arrangement works well, and so it does for Germany's "postmodern IV Reich" imperialism. One way or another this same unequal arrangement has been going on since the 80s.

  2. Please do not break a stick over us all :-).
    We know, that we are primarily cheap labour for "EU" corporations. Secondary "we are" ultracapitalist movement. I am from Czech republic ;-).
    But somebody from us are searching wey out of this. I am regular reader of your blogs Maju, lets sey for two or three years.

    Please, for example, look at essays of very inspirative hungarian filosopher Gaspár Miklós Tamás. I can not find, what is english wersion of wery inpirative esey translated to czech as: "Kapitalismus v čisté podobě" (literally Capitalism in pure form).

    1. Maybe I was too severe with Poland? Probably but it gets me really angry how they are central to so many disgraceful things, notably the fascist dawning in Ukraine and even in Poland itself.

      If you ask me which countries I intuitively dislike the most in Europe, those would be Poland, Hungary and Sweden, even before Germany, although possibly after Turkey (assuming this one is considered to be in Europe). I have nothing against both former Czechoslovakia countries: haven't visited but generally I think I respect you guys, if nothing else because I was born the very night Prague Spring was smashed, and I do respect Prague Spring A LOT.


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